The 5 Best Reasons to Conduct Employee Surveys

The 5 Best Reasons to Conduct Employee Surveys

Employee surveys allow a company to gain valuable feedback from their members of staff, which could improve company performance, employee morale and profit margins.

We are therefore looking at several reasons why you should consider conducting employee surveys in your organization.

Identify Employee Satisfaction

The biggest reason to conduct a workplace survey is to identify employee satisfaction. Through a series of questions, you can discover just how happy each member of staff feels about the company, position and processes. You should therefore turn to an employee survey, as you can customize your questions to learn more about job satisfaction, company policies, working hours, the office environment and more.

Not only will the feedback allow you to address the company’s issues, but it will also help to identify if employees are more likely to leave the business for a more rewarding career elsewhere – which could be with a competitor.

Measure Employee Engagement

Do you know how dedicated your team members are to their role and the company? If you don’t, there is no time like the present to find out. By measuring employee engagement, you can try to find ways to boost engagement levels, which will help create a stronger, happier workforce. An employee engagement survey should therefore focus on role clarity, communication, accountability, internal relationships and recognition.

Discover Reactions

Your employees’ opinions matter. If your company has recently undergone a significant change, or is set to change processes in the future, a survey can help to identify commitment levels and feelings to a new structure, process or merger.

For example, if your company is embarking with a digital transformation, it is important to gain an insight into how they feel about embracing a digital age, so you can learn if they have the commitment and understanding required to complement the company’s vision and objectives.

Learn Why Employees Choose to Leave

An exit survey can be an effective way to learn why an employee has chosen to leave the business. The data will therefore allow you to prevent a high employee turnover and improve internal processes to retain hard-working staff in the future.

For example, if an employee chose to leave due to a lack of training, you could develop training opportunities for individuals to excel in their roles. Also, if an employee believed there were limited opportunities for career advancement, the business could develop a rewarding career path for talented individuals.

Gain a New Perspective on an Employee

Do you want to know how well a department head is performing in his or her role? Maybe the business owner would like to identify how he or she is perceived by managers, supervisors and subordinates? Well, 360 surveys can help gain essential feedback across the company to identify areas for improvement, which could improve company growth.

By identifying how your staff feel each working day, you can improve processes, productivity, communication and the company culture, so individuals feel happy to come to work each day.


  1. Employee surveys help to share a platform with employees to raise their voice and give their views in organization’s favour.

  2. Thanks for raising these awesome points. I especially like your recommendation to “Discover Reactions”. It is good thing to contributing to your workplace gives an employee a sense of ownership and responsibility.


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