Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy for Megri.com

Last updated: 1st August 2023


At Megri.com, we hold our content to the highest accuracy, impartiality, and integrity standards. Our editorial policy reflects our dedication to these principles, providing a blueprint for our contributors and staff and assuring our readers about our content’s reliability.

1. Fact-Checking

Every piece of content, be it news, features, or opinion, undergoes rigorous fact-checking before publication. Our editors ensure that:

  • All claims, especially those that are statistical or scientific, are verified from credible primary sources or peer-reviewed studies.
  • Quotes and statements are accurately represented and not taken out of context.
  • Sources are cross-referenced to reduce any chance of misinformation.

2. Plagiarism

Plagiarism undermines our values and the trust of our readers. We strictly enforce a zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarized content.

  • All content is checked using advanced plagiarism detection tools.
  • Contributors found submitting plagiarized content are subject to immediate action, which may include termination of their association with Megri.com.

3. Conflicts of Interest

Transparency is key to maintaining our readers’ trust.

  • Writers and editors are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest regarding the content they produce or oversee.
  • If a staff member or contributor has a personal or financial interest in any subject they are covering, it must be explicitly stated within the content.
  • Content that promotes a product, service, or individual without proper journalistic scrutiny will not be accepted.

4. Content Corrections

In the interest of transparency:

  • Any content that is found to be or reported as inaccurate after publication will be corrected promptly.
  • An accompanying note will detail the nature of the correction.
  • Readers are encouraged to report any inaccuracies they come across.

5. Impartiality and Bias

Megri.com is committed to impartial journalism.

  • Content is expected to be free from bias, irrespective of the personal beliefs of our contributors.
  • Any opinion piece will be clearly labelled as such, distinguishing it from factual news or features.

6. Source Confidentiality

Protecting our sources, especially those who wish to remain anonymous, is paramount. We guarantee:

  • The confidentiality of sources who request anonymity.
  • No pressure will be applied to sources to reveal their identity.

7. External Contributions

While we welcome external contributions, all such content is subject to:

  • Our standard editorial review process.
  • Verification of the contributor’s credentials.
  • Proper citation of the contributor’s work and affiliation.

8. Feedback and Communication

Our readers’ feedback helps us maintain and elevate our standards.

  • We encourage readers to provide feedback on our content.
  • Communication channels, such as email or contact forms, are available for readers to reach out with concerns, suggestions, or praise.


This editorial policy is a testament to Megri.com’s unwavering commitment to truth, fairness, and journalistic integrity. Our readers can trust the content they find on our platform, assured by the rigorous processes and principles guiding its creation.