4 Incredible Steps to Increasing Sales Team Motivation

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The sales team is usually made up of larger-than-life personalities. These types of people are self-motivated and outspoken. Unfortunately, even the most determined minds can, at times, become unmotivated and introverted. It’s crucial for team leaders and business owners to create an environment that induces motivation, determination, grit, and happiness.

If the sales team is more motivated, more determined, and more joyful than the competition, they’ll outperform the competition every time.

Hire Purpose-driven Individuals

Ensuring the synergy of employees starts in the first interview. According to Tim Pinkerton of DatabaseUSA, “one of the most important things to keeping a team motivated is to hire great people that will fit into the current culture. If that culture is positive, motivated and driven then the last thing you want to do is introduce a negative member into the mix.”

The job ad can plainly call for enthusiastic, energetic, determined applicants only, but your office may still fill with incompatible personalities who think they’d like to give selling a shot. You must be able to see through past performance and identify key characteristics that indicate a good fit for your team.

Only you can create the criteria; the list of characteristics and traits to look for specifically. There are, however, several foundational traits that are universal to sales, and you should look for the following:

  • upbeat personality
  • passion
  • vast vocabulary
  • punctual and well-prepared
  • goal-oriented
  • purpose-oriented
  • engaging, captivating speaking

These are all traits you can spot during the first interview. If the candidate doesn’t possess at least three or four of these traits, you should probably move on to the next.

Encourage Goal Setting

Setting goals are so incredibly vital to productivity. If you don’t utilize goal setting on a regular basis, you’re not performing at your best.

There are numerous benefits that come with goal setting, but several of the more exciting benefits include:

  • Better focus: When short term goals are used in the form of objectives, it increases your ability to stay on track. This leads to time-efficiency, as well as a higher degree of productivity. When your sales team is focused, they’re working harder, faster, and better.
  • Induces creativity: Setting goals and writing them down releases you from the pressure of managing and staying on top of every upcoming task. This freedom of mind allows creativity to flourish. This is a huge advantage, especially in this industry.
  • Accountability: Ensuring that the team has set goals and that everyone understands those goals creates an environment of accountability. When there is clarity concerning what is expected, misunderstandings are reduced significantly. Moreover, misunderstandings cannot be used as excuses when expectations are not met.

Create an Environment of Recognition

It’s commonly suggested that parents praise their children for the things they do right more often than they chastise them for the things they do wrong. It’s much the same with your sales team. Instead of focusing on your team’s mistakes, consider building them up based on their accomplishments.

“It is much more fun and, I think, more powerful to give rewards to motivate people,” says Pinkerton. “Who doesn’t love to celebrate both small and large victories? Commissions are part of the sales game, but I always try to add extra perks and catch people doing well so that, at the very least they get recognition.”

Most people want recognition for the things they do right. When one of your team members exceeds expectations, publicly praise them for it. Not only does it build their spirit, but it also encourages the rest of the team to reach for the same level of output.

Do NOT Micromanage

If there’s one thing that will kill the spirit of any employee, it’s to have a supervisor or superior micromanage every step they take.

When you hire a new member to the sales team, you’re placing trust in that person. You’re placing responsibility on their shoulders, and that’s the reason they’re there. That’s what they signed up for.

Set the destination but trust your sales team to lay out the path.

This freedom will give team members the opportunity to come up with creative ways to get new sales leads, nurture current leads on the email lists, and ultimately improve the productivity of the team.


By implementing these strategies, you’ll show your sales team that you trust them, which will build trust and loyalty on their part as well. When your team members develop loyalty, purpose, and love for the company, they’ll perform their best day to day.

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  1. Incredible article. For a business to be well developed, the people working must be motivated and encouraged in a great way for a good working environment as well as the effort of team members. Thank you, Austin, for sharing this article and I will surely implement these ideas. Keep sharing 🙂

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