How Using Videos Can Boost Client Engagement

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The “thing” of the moment is video content marketing, and the numbers are quite clear as to why it should be a top priority for all marketers right now. In social media, videos receive 1200% more shares than both textual and photo content combined and are seen more frequently than photos. Compared to reading content, people who watch videos retain 95% of the message they hear. By contrast, people who read content only retain 10% of the message.

Video material is useful since it effectively spreads your message farther than other types of advertising. What you might not know is that a top-notch video with a qualified voiceover, excellent editing, and a compelling plot can also actively raise customer engagement. Consumers actively interact with your brand and the campaign after watching the video.

Client Engagement: Why Is It Important?

Client engagement is crucial since it helps you establish a closer bond with your audience and keep your brand at the front of their minds the next time they need to make a purchase. In essence, it’s the distinction between a client making a single purchase and one who deliberately chooses to become brand loyal and develop a stronger relationship with your company and your values.

What Are Some Ways That Video Content Can Boost Consumer Engagement?

Here are some significant examples of how using video content can boost consumer engagement in many ways:

  • Writing and acting

We as humans adore tales, and videos can tell them. It is what all television commercials do—tell stories. Advertisements for perfume sell a narrative about a glamorous, mystic, and opulent way of life. Advertisements for cars promote a safe and adventurous way of life. Advertising for alcohol . People adore it when we react and create a story through video.

  • Videos Assist with Short Attention Span

According to statistics, over 25% of us spend more than 10 hours each week watching internet video content, but only 1–2 seconds looking at photos. Also, we tend to scan blog posts rather than really read them. To put it clearly, we require something captivating, like a video, to maintain our attention. In addition, if engagement is the intended outcome, it is much more likely to occur with something we stay for and thoroughly comprehen

  • Videos Can Be Shared

As videos are currently the most popular type of media content, they are considerably more easily shared than photographs or blog entries. Videos receive 1200% more shares than photographs and text combined, as you read above, indicating that viewers are more engaged with video material.

  • Ability To Be Accessible

Word documents and images can both have screen readers, while videos offer far more possibilities for accessibility and, consequently, engagement. You may have a voiceover in any language, including French, and it can be done in an interesting, passionate way. Any voice over can provide that extra emotion, but layering voice overs in many languages makes the information more approachable overall and encourages greater audience participation.

  • Getting Your Attention

Videos have visual elements like graphics, colour, sound, and movement. Whatever is in the video, viewers are more likely to stop and take a closer look than they do with other sorts of material since we are inherently more drawn to moving objects than stationary ones.

  • Content Rich

Customers have more stuff to engage with in videos than you might believe, especially since we retain more information from a video than from a blog. Videos may not be made up of a lot of text.

Next, what?

The research shown above only scratches the surface of the importance of video content to businesses looking to engage their audience. Overall, the most crucial lesson to learn is that the information must be of high quality. Indeed, video material will catch people’s eyes and is more likely to be seen than a picture or a written text. Yet, it must be of a high calibre in order to be appreciated, shared, and liked. Companies should be careful to:

Use an experienced voice over.

  • Verify the content’s suitability and sensitivity for your audience three times (and in general)
  • Keep the main point clear.
  • Show emotion
  • Keep abreast on trends.Create videos that are suitable for various platforms (explainer videos are great for Youtube, or websites and short behind the scenes videos work well for social media shorts)
  • frequently produce and distribute video content
  • In the video or in the post with the video, include a call to action.
  • Analytical tools can be used to gauge the impact of the video.

Why not get in touch with a reputable voice-over company right away to discuss adding a clear, distinct, and high-caliber voice over to your video content? It’s the ideal technique to increase your chances of higher engagement with your content, brand image enhancement, and perhaps an increase in sales when combined with the aforementioned advice.

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