Six Week Industrial Training In PHP For Beginners

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PHP is the general-purpose scripting language for creating dynamic Web sites. Because PHP is very versatile: the password protection on the processing of form data to the content management system – and it is easy to learn!

In this online workshop you will rise quickly and compactly in the design of dynamic Web sites with PHP and are also the basics of programming at:

Under the guidance of workshop leader Florence Maurice set up a own local test environment (XAMPP) on your computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) and start immediately handy with small PHP scripts in the basics of PHP programming.

Step by step is the removal of repetitive content and date functions of PHP on working with sessions and cookies to analyze complex dynamic forms.

At the end of the industrial training, you will have posted its first interactive functions and programmed a simple login system with PHP. Last but not least, take into account from the beginning of the safety aspects of all your PHP web applications!

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Topics in Detail

Install the development environment and basic concepts of PHP to know

Week 1 and 2:

In the first week of the workshop, we deal first with the main PHP Basics. The special thing about PHP is that it is run on the server. So that you can test your scripts at home, you need to have a server, i.e. install the server software. The most practical is the free XAMPP: It includes Apache server software, PHP, MySQL database system and much more. The beauty of it: It can be installed with a few mouse clicks.

If the development environment is installed, you will see small examples of what server-side execution means exactly. Then you will learn how you can integrate PHP in HTML pages and can output content. You will also learn basic PHP Language Concepts know as variables, arrays, operators, and the integration of external files via include and require.

About the latter can be elements that appear on multiple pages of a project to outsource, in their own files. This is useful for navigation or copyright notices. If you change something here, the change automatically affects all pages in which the external file is included.

Week 3 and 4:

More basic language concepts, condition, date functions, loops and write your own functions

In the starting of third week of the workshop, we deal with other basic language concepts. In practical exercises and first small applications, you will learn:

·         How to flexibly control your programs by conditions (if-else statements) and multiply things by loops (for and while, etc.) can execute.

·         You will learn the PHP date functions know and use them to always be, for example, in the copyright line ever spend different greetings the current year or the time of day.

·         Finally, you will learn how to outsource pieces of code frequently used functions in and write your own function first.

Week 5 and 6:

Processing form data, cookies and sessions

Week five and six are devoted to the major weaving techniques: First of all, it comes to forms. Forms are the tool of choice to get input from the user – now you see how to process form data with PHP, for example, to ship it by mail. In the four weeks we will write form data in files.

The communication on the Internet takes place via the HTTP protocol. The special feature here is that the protocol is stateless, does that mean that the server does not realize that a client (browser) has already requested pages. In certain cases, such as for the programmings of shopping carts, but you need options for the server to recognize that a particular client has already requested a page, so you need to store data across multiple pages.

There are two techniques: Cookies, in which the information is saved on the client, and sessions in which the information is stored on the server. This week we’ll look at exactly how cookies and sessions work and how to use them.

RequirementsAssumes the safe handling of basic web technologies such as browsers and FTP. You should also be able safely with HTML, especially with forms round. Basic knowledge in any programming language as JavaScript, are helpful, but not necessary.

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