Time for a Kitchen Renovation? Make Sure There’s No Asbestos

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Renovating your kitchen can be a really exciting thing to do. While it can take time and there may be stressful moments, it can also be a great way to have the kitchen you want and can fully enjoy. Whether you need to update an old house due to a leak or other damage, or you just want something that fits your style better, renovations can be an excellent choice. One of the things you’ll need to watch out for in an older house, though, is asbestos.

Does Your Kitchen Have Asbestos?

You can’t tell from just looking at it whether your kitchen has asbestos. After all, it was used for a long time in the past, and it was incorporated into a lot of different building materials. Most people think of it as pipe insulation in older homes, but it was also used in some ceiling and floor tiles, along with a few different kinds of drywall and other construction options. You could have it all throughout your kitchen if your home is an older one, and it’s important to get answers before you start any remodeling project.

What Kind of Changes Are You Planning?

Even if you’re not doing a full remodel of your kitchen, contacting a kitchen renovation company can make the process of updating your space easier. When you choose a professional company that handles remodels, especially if they often work with older homes, you’ll need to get your current kitchen tested for asbestos. Since asbestos isn’t a problem unless it’s disturbed, the time to find out whether you have it in your kitchen or other areas of your home is before any work starts.

Enjoy Peace of Mind in Your New Kitchen

By having your home tested you’ll have important answers whether you need to address remediation before any remodeling begins. If that’s the case, be sure to work closely with a professional remediation company that has experience with asbestos. This isn’t something you want to do on your own, since there are special ways it has to be addressed to meet EPA guidelines and keep everyone in the area safe from harm. The airborne fibers of asbestos can be very dangerous, so it’s important that everything is properly contained and removed from the area. Then, you can have the remodeling work done and feel comfortable in your new kitchen space.

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