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Some Useful Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Clothes

Having a wardrobe de-clutter is a great way of evaluating exactly what clothes you have, what still fits (and suits you) and what can be moved on to make room for the new. There are lots of ways to get rid of your unwanted clothes and create new closet space – and some can even make you money.

Try Swap Shop

One fun option is a ‘swishing’ party. You and your friends all identify clothes that you no longer need but that are in good condition and that you think might suit others. Organise a swap night with your friends, where you all basically chuck all the clothes in the middle of the room and anything you like, you get to keep. Try not to take home more than you arrived with – or you might be defeating the object!

Use Green Garments

Recycling is an environmentally kind way to get rid of old clothes. Many supermarkets have big clothes recycling bins, or you can contact your local council to find your nearest facility.

Check Cash for Clothes Options

There are several online companies who will purchase your old clothes for cash, which can be a great way of making some money whilst at the same time de-cluttering. When it comes to researching how to sell clothes online you may find that this is your most reliable method if you are looking to make some money back. Once you have input the items you have to offer into their system, you will be given an online decision as to what they are worth and if you are ready to go ahead you can then arrange a free post service or courier pick-up.

Be Charitable

Charity shops are often crying out for good quality, clean clothes. Most shops will accept personal donations without an appointment and some will even collect if you have a large quantity to pass on. Periodically you probably also get charity bags through your door asking for good quality clothes, shoes, and other items. This is a simple option for a quick de-clutter as the items will be collected from right outside your house.

Designer Designs

If you have a lot of high-end clothes that you want to get rid of, you could try taking them to a specialist designer second-hand outlet and see what price they will offer. Some work on a percentage basis, others offer sale or return so make sure you find out how it works.

Let’s Do an Auction

eBay is a very popular way to sell unwanted clothes. Items which still have their label are more desirable and you can also try selling in batches of a similar size or make. If you want to guarantee a certain return, try selling at a realistic buy it now prices, although bear in mind that if the item doesn’t sell you will have to relist.

However, you choose to free up some wardrobe space, remember that there is almost certainly a better option than simply throwing old garments away. It’s likely that there is a great deal of life left in clothes that you no longer want – to swap, sell or recycle.