Tips for Budding Fashion Photographers on Photography Trends

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The world of fashion photography comes with vast possibilities. However, with every passing day, there are numerous things that one needs to keep in mind in order to be successful in this highly competitive market. The offers that a fashion magazine editor used to get 5 years before have significantly increased now and that is what establishes the competition that prevails in the market. So in order to make your mark in this swarming market, you need to keep certain important things in mind that will help you to become a successful photographer.

So, here’s presenting some tips that can help you to gain a thorough insight into fashion photography:

Work on your Model’s Makeup and Hairstyle

Makeup and Hairstyle

The makeup and hairstyle of the model play a big role in enhancing the effects of the photograph. The first thing you need to remember is that the focus of your photo will be on the model and his/her features. Now, if there is a flaw in the makeup itself, people will not find the photo appealing. So you need to make sure that the makeup and all other aspects are in place and would do justice to your skill. Therefore, apart from focusing on the photo and the camera you also need to ensure that all the other aspects are okay. In case you find issues with the makeup part, intervene politely and put your point boldly.

Pay Close attention to the Clothing


The dress that your model sports play a decisive role in making your photograph successful. The prime aspect that must be concentrated on is whether the dress compliments the background well. You can do it both ways actually. For example, if you model is wearing a titillating red dress or a blue gown then you need a soft background to give more effects to it. On the contrary, if your model is sporting a light shade you can choose a dark background. These are basics. However, the latest trends in fashion photography are defying these pre existing concepts. Of late I found a photo where the model sported a turquoise gown and the background was smoky. That looked heavenly! So it all depends on the concept of the photographer. The more you experiment, the greater will be the chances of coming up with a better combination.



These are also an important part that you need to focus on. The jewelry should depend on the dress that is supported by the model. Usually, light jewelry is preferred by most pro photographers.

Light Systems

Light System

This is yet another important factor that should be focused on by every photographer. The amount of light depends on certain factors such as the complexion of the model, the color of the dress, the jewelry they sport and the tone of the photo that you are looking for. If you add a digitized logo to the dress it can further boost the brands. 

These are some of the important aspects that you need to focus on in order to be successful in fashion photography and earn respect and fame. 

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