Stylish Timepieces To Add To Your Collection

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These days a lot of people tend to check the time on a device such as a smartphone or a computer as these are the items that they have to hand. It might be a functional option, but it could be argued that it is not the most stylish. If you tend to agree that even a shiny new iPhone 5S cannot compete with beautiful antiques and vintage items, it is worth your time to continue to read this post.

There is a lot to be said about maintaining traditional ways and values, and a timepiece can certainly help you to achieve this. So if you are looking to add a piece or two to your collection, here are a few things you could consider:

Grandfather clock

When it comes to telling the time within the home, perhaps one of the best ways to do it is via a grandfather clock. Even the name is something that conjures the images of the good old days, as well as timeless elegance. Grandfather clocks can still be purchased today whether from an antiques showroom or an auction, so you don’t just have to recall the past to enjoy them. One of these clocks can look beautiful in a hallway or a study.

Carriage clock

Whilst in the living room or lounge, you will want an easy way of telling the time without having to move too far from your seat. Perhaps you could consider a carriage clock that can sit on your fireplace mantel or on a dresser. There are many gorgeous designs of carriage clock available, both old and new. That means you can find something that suits your current hobbies or look for a piece that wouldn’t have looked out of place in your grandmother’s house.

Vintage watch

For timekeeping on the move, you don’t need to look further than one of the amazing vintage luxury watches that are available. You find these online, in showrooms, or at specialist auctions. The best reason to buy an older watch is because they are rarer than the latest models; this means you will have something that draws attention from others, as well as setting you apart from the crowd. There are many brands that you can choose between, whether Cartier or Omega, as well as many different decades and styles.

Pocket watch

If you want something a little bit different, a pocket watch could be just the thing. Traditionally an item that men would wear, these would also be suitable for a woman too. It makes the perfect accompaniment to a smart suit or blazer jacket. They also look rather nice as decoration in the home even if you don’t want to use it for its designed purpose. You will find pocket watches for sale in many of the same places as traditional watches, such as auctions and websites online. Make sure to check what metal is used and whether there is a hallmark; this should indicate to you how much the watch is actually worth.

Annie Jones
Annie Jones
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