Stylish Looks For Leather Boots

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When leather boots were first worn many centuries ago, they were used as work-wear. Times have certainly changed a great deal since then. Every year, we’re treated to the sight of fashion trendsetters modeling the latest ranges of ladies’ leather boots. And what ranges they are: cowboy boots, ankle boots, calf-length, knee-high and thigh-high leather lace up boots for women, made from calf skin, snake skin, alligator skin and even ostrich skin. All of these boots have a place in the world of women’s fashion.

The thigh-high boot is the real eye-catcher, and you can trace its modern popularity back to Pretty Woman. Readers should be advised; the thigh-high look is not for everyone. Models look great in thigh-highs, but most models are 5’8″ minimum.

Platform leather boots and boots with a large heel have also been endearingly popular since the 1960s. Six inches, eight inches – they look great if you are tall and skinny and also have a good sense of balance. However, no one looks good when they are falling over, or are stuck to the spot and swaying like a tree in a high wind. I speak from experience.

The riding boot is another enduring style, even with non horse lovers. This is not surprising when you think of its simple, classic look.  Likewise, you don’t have to be a biker to enjoy the famous side buckle black boot that goes so well with a Harley Davidson.

Fortunately, not all the trendy leather boots styles are either hard to wear or require a horse or motorbike to look their best. Flat heeled and casual boots are all over the market, and they are developing a distinctive style, often featuring fringes, buckles or chains. The real all-time classic boot is, in my opinion, the knee-high boot. This boot can either be worn in a low heel version or high heeled for when you want to dress up. Accessories, such as tassels, buckles and fringes are easy to find. Knee high boots aren’t just functional, either. It’s easy to keep warm in knee high leather boots when snow is on the ground.

We can’t leave the field of stylish leather boots without mentioning the ever-popular cowboy boot. You don’t need to be a Country & Western fan to love these classics with their comfortable riding heels. Both women and mens cowboy boots come in a great variety of leathers and designs and you can mix and match different styles and colors.

So you can see that ladies leather boots come in all sort of stylish looks, fit for any time or any occasion. It’s simply a matter of balancing personal taste with practicality. You need a boot that works well with your outfits and which is easy to wear. If you get the balance right, you will hopefully find a pair of leather boots which will last you a lifetime.

Annie Jones
Annie Jones
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