Why Is C3 AI Important?

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C3 AI offers a complete portfolio of industry-specific and cross-industry Enterprise AI applications that address mission-critical use cases. These solutions typically deploy in one to six months and are based on C3 AI’s model-driven architecture.

Its unified platform provides comprehensive, systematic, and secure governance of AI across an enterprise value chain. Its configurable SaaS products drive significant economic benefits such as predictive maintenance, fraud detection, sensor network health, inventory optimization, supply chain risk, and energy management.

AI & IoT Software Platform

IoT-enabled AI can automate business processes, optimize operations, improve decision-making, and enhance customer experiences. For instance, AI and IoT can help maintenance teams detect anomalies and defects more efficiently to ensure that equipment runs smoothly while reducing costs by reducing downtime. It can also help improve safety and security by detecting and mitigating risks to personnel or property.

A robust Enterprise AI platform with a growing family of turnkey applications for business-critical, high-value use cases, C3 AI can be deployed in 3-6 months and scaled across industries and business functions. The portfolio includes industry solutions to reduce customer churn and boost revenue, maximize asset and fleet reliability, optimize inventory levels and transportation logistics, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, defend and mitigate risk, and protect national security.

The platform provides a full spectrum of AI/ML capabilities, including natural language processing, text analytics, data integration, model development, and deployment. It is built on the Google Cloud platform for scale, security, and low latency. It supports various devices, from the latest IoT sensors to legacy industrial systems. The platform can be used by data scientists, IT professionals, and line-of-business users to build and deploy applications quickly.

Industry Solutions

C3 AI offers a portfolio of proven, industry-specific Enterprise AI applications that address business challenges across the value chain. These applications include solutions for reliability, fraud detection, sensor network health, supply network optimization, energy management, and anti-money laundering. They also deliver the benefits of automation, data-driven insight, and predictive maintenance, enabling companies to monetize operational intelligence via subscription, license, and software-as-a-service models.

C3 AI’s industry solutions are deployed by many customers with diverse deployment models and use cases. These deployments typically involve a multi-step sales cycle that includes one or more product and technical presentations and mapping of the capabilities to customer use cases. This usually leads to a paid trial lasting eight to 16 weeks, after which customers license C3 AI applications or the application platform.

The company’s business model is primarily subscription revenue and professional services revenue. Subscription revenue includes term licenses, stand-ready COE support services, and trials of the applications. Professional services revenue consists of implementation and training services.

C3 AI has strategic go-to-market alliances with hyperscale cloud and infrastructure providers. It also has a broad ecosystem of select specialized systems integrators that provide application design and development, data engineering, and modeling.

Google Cloud

C3 AI’s entire portfolio of Enterprise AI applications – including industry solutions, C3 AI Suite, and C3 AI CRM – is available on Google Cloud’s global, secure, low-latency infrastructure. These solutions leverage Google Cloud’s AI/ML engines and data processing capabilities to provide real business value. For example, they help improve fleet reliability with predictive maintenance and increase revenue and productivity through improved forecasting. They also help supply-chain-reliant businesses understand and optimize their inventory.

The platform supports a range of use cases, from simple data analytics to complex Enterprise AI applications. The application development framework is built on a conceptual model that makes creating applications without writing lengthy code quickly. The platform uses a set of APIs that provide access to the data, computing resources, data processing services, and machine learning and AI capabilities.

The platform is designed to support both on-premise and multi-cloud deployments. Customers can move data to the cloud using a migration service and run applications on various platforms. Cloud security is a priority, and Google invests in physical and process-based security to protect customer data.


C3 AI’s value proposition is clear and compelling to customers. The company’s enterprise AI software platform and industry solutions offer extreme accuracy in actionable predictions and a significant reduction in unscheduled maintenance events and operational costs, complemented by services and engineering teams that do all the heavy lifting for clients.

The resulting applications drive measurable business value in various use cases across multiple industries. For example, C3 AI Asset Management helps oil and gas companies optimize their operations for cost efficiency and production performance. C3 AI Energy Management empowers sustainability, facilities, and operations managers to achieve targets for energy cost, water usage, GHG emissions, and waste reduction. C3 AI Inventory Optimization enables supply chain and logistics professionals to optimize stock levels of raw materials, parts, and finished goods without impacting service level agreements. C3 AI Process Optimization combines manufacturing and operational data to improve process yield, efficiency, and quality.

A robust architecture provides the ability to run C3 AI’s software platform and industry solutions at scale. This allows customers to rapidly drive business digital transformation utilizing machine learning and AI as part of their technology stack. In addition, it makes working across multiple public clouds a simple and seamless experience with unlimited scale and concurrency. This enables organizations to efficiently run C3 AI’s industry-specific predictive maintenance, supply network optimization, AI-driven CRM, and fraud detection applications on the Snowflake data platform.

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