3 Tips For Choosing Your Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions are a powerful tool to change your look immediately, anytime. But not all are equal. The final effect strongly depends on the choice of the strands. How to choose extensions that will look great and survive long?

We all need a rapid metamorphosis once in a while. It can be a one-time thing or a semi-permanent change that will give you a fresh, new look for a few months. Nothing makes such a difference as a new hairstyle. However, sometimes, your hair is too short to get a cut. But there is a solution for it – the hair extensions! 

Contrary to a common conviction, they’re relatively easy to apply unless you choose a weave or micro ring extension method. If you select your strands wisely, you can achieve a natural effect. No one will even notice that the hair is actually not yours!

What to pay attention to when choosing hair extensions? Here are some tips you may find helpful.

Choose human hair extensions

Synthetic hair may be affordable, but it’ll never have the same quality as human hair extensions, available in Remy human hair brand offer and many others. With time, it will start breaking, and its structure will worsen. If you want to invest in an extension that will last, always choose a human hair variant. Human hair extensions are not only more durable but also more versatile. You can treat it with heat, which is absolutely out of question with the synthetic variant.

Note, however, that they require regular maintenance. You should wash the human hair strands from time to time and apply conditioner to them. Since they’re close to your scalp, they can also get greasy with the sebum produced by the skin.

Select a fitting method

Clip-in hair extensions are made for those who want to prolong their hair occasionally. They can last for more than a year, but you should take them off every night to avoid damage to both hair extensions and your own hair. If you’d like a semi-permanent effect, you should invest in tape-in extensions or a micro-ring method rather than clip-in hair extensions. This one requires professional skills and can be worn constantly for at least a few months. It allows for achieving the most natural effect, with the hair extensions blending into your hairstyle.

Pay importance to the texture

The choice of colour is of course crucial, but don’t forget about the texture. It should fit your natural hair when it comes to thickness and porosity. The origin of the hair extensions may be a valuable tip – the Asian hair structure is different from the European, and so on.

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