Easy Hairstyles For Little Girls

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Hair is significant to many little girls because it gives them a way to express themselves. Finding the perfect hairstyle for your daughter, niece, granddaughter, or any other girl in your life can be difficult though, especially if you don’t have many skills yourself. On top of that, girls of varying backgrounds will naturally have different hair types, so it’s difficult to think of universal styles.

However, there are some simple styles that work for almost every little girl, and they can be done in a matter of minutes. Before beginning a hairstyle, remember to detangle the girl’s hair so it’s easier to work with. You might need a gentle spray or perhaps a special brush to get through the knots. You can find more information on . Now, onto the hairstyles!

The Double Bun

Double Bun

The double bun is one of the easiest styles, especially since it requires little manipulation and works for most hair types. You will need a few accessories, including ponytail holders and some bobby pins to help keep the hair in place. First, though, you must detangle the hair and brush it thoroughly – if your little girl has a finer hair type.

Once brushed, divide the hair into two separate and even sections. Create two pigtails out of the sections by putting ponytail holders at the top of the tails, near the scalp. Next, twist one of the pigtails into a rope and then coil it around the ponytail holder at the top, forming a bun. Secure it in place by using bobby pins that attach the bun to the hair near the scalp. Repeat these steps on the other side and voila, you have a simple, easy, and durable hairstyle!

Pigtail Braids

Pigtail Braids

Pigtail braids are perhaps the most iconic hairstyle for little girls because they are easy, cute, and will stay in place no matter what. Once again, brush out your daughter’s hair and form two even sections. First, create ponytails. Then, braid each section, being sure to attach a ponytail holder to the end of the braid. In the end, the girl should have two even braids, one on each half of her head, and each secured by two ponytail holders.

Micro Braids

Micro Braids

Micro braids are again a durable option and great for little girls who have unruly or coarse hair that doesn’t need to be washed often. Instead of making large, thick braids, you instead need to make a series of small, thin braids kept in place using ponytail holders, thin elastics, or even tiny clips. This style brings a lot of creativity with it since you can decide where the braids go and how they should be styled. In fact, it’s a great activity to encourage the girl’s creativity, as she can decide where the braids go!

For micro braids, you need to follow basic braiding basics. Separate out a section, make sure it’s brushed and each to work with, and then start to braid. You don’t need to put a ponytail holder near the scalp for this style. Once you finish braiding, put your desired holding mechanism in place and then start a new section. This style can take some time to complete, but will last for days!

Short and Loose

Short and Loose

People have a tendency to treat little girls like dolls, usually giving them elaborate outfits and hairstyles that don’t suit their adventurous personalities. If your girl isn’t a fan of sitting still for long and doesn’t like having elaborate hair, you should consider just letting her wear it short and loose, like in a bob. Not all hairstyles have to be delicate and opulent, and if your girl likes to run around and be constantly on the go, you should give her hair that can be styled with a quick brushing like her brother’s.

Not every hairstyle needs to be elaborate for a little girl. They love to run around, play, and explore, and sometimes they need their hair to stay in place and not bother them or make them uncomfortable when they’re trying to have fun. You might also not have the best styling skills, so these easy hairstyles for little girls are some of the best ways to keep hair fun, flowing, and cute without requiring too much finesse.

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