Sticking To Your Business Budget

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You need lots of things when you start a new business. You learn early with purchasing equipment for your company that the old adage “you get what you pay for” is a truth written in stone. Part of the problem with this fact is, though, that everything is so expensive! How can you possibly save money on your needed supplies while you’re still getting reliable gear? There are a few tips you can exploit to your advantage.

Construction and Landscaping

If you’re just starting out in one of these businesses, you’re probably not thinking about massive pieces of equipment you’d need or a flatbed tractor-trailer to haul to your different work sites. Your primary piece of gear at this stage is going to be a work truck. Just any old truck isn’t going to cut it, though. You need to find some companies which specialize in truck utility body installation to compare prices. Don’t overlook those companies that utilize used parts. Often, parts are salvageable as is or with a little bit of elbow grease. You can save money by choosing a company that uses quality-used parts.

Office Space

Are you looking to furnish and equip your office? You can get typewriters really cheap. All kidding aside, there are ways to save on your office furnishings and equipment, too. One way is by looking for gently used furnishings. While you might want to splurge on the desk chairs you use every day, there’s no reason not to look into repurposed desks, tables, bookcases, filing cabinets, and extra chairs. Scratches and dings can be covered by a new paint job, a desk calendar, or by putting the marred surface against a wall.

As for equipment, look into refurbished electronics. Buying second-hand laptops and phones may seem counter-intuitive. Why buy something when it’s already been proven not to work? Certified refurbished electronics have had all the bugs worked out. You’re buying premium equipment at a discount.


Another way you can stick to a budget is to barter services with another small business. Think about the possibilities. Say, for example, you’re a graphic artist. Barter your ability to design a new logo with the local printer who prints your business cards. Design ball team t-shirts for the team your accountant sponsors in exchange for help learning how to budget and keep your own books. Design a mural for an interior designer in exchange for help sprucing up your office space.

There are plenty of creative ways for you to stick to your budget and make your business a success.

Austin K
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