Avoid Risks Involved In Office Moving

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Office moving is a complex and technical type of moving. It is a critical event and should be carried out in an organized and fast manner. It would need a lot of planning and preparation and some segments of your company’s daily operation may need to be temporarily stopped or cut off because files and computers will be inaccessible.

During a move, your office will be faced with risks involving your data and files and your employees as well as the whole business. It would be helpful to hire professional office movers to avoid such risks.

When moving it is important to cut-out the staff. Try setting the moving date on a weekend or give everybody a day off.  Staff could not help with the move and they would be exposed to risks of being injured by unsecured office equipment. It is not advisable to require them to help with the relocation because accidents may happen and it would be extra costs for your company to pay for the medical bills and worker’s compensation fees. It would be advisable to inform them of the move in advance and let them pack their personal belongings and valuables. Providing them a furnished copy of a guide containing all information about the new office would be very efficient.

The office’s valuable and personal items should be move separately and discreetly. Most moving companies claim no responsibility towards legal documents, employees’ personal information, business data and files, important contacts and such. Losing them during the move will leave your business in chaos. If anything happens to employees and customer files, the company will be held responsible and not the movers. Documents like these should be move privately and safely.

Contact information should be retained. Contacts are valuable and they contribute to the growth of the business. You should advertise your move or at least inform customers and important contact persons about the move and the new office address.

Label all company owned items such as tables, desk, chairs, equipment, computers, and file cabinets with their location at the new office.  Assign an expert to arrange and dismantle office equipment that needs to be packed. All desks and bookshelves must be vacant when placed in a box. Cabinets could be packed without emptying them as long as the locks are secure. Make sure to hire a moving company that has an insurance policy for broken and lost items.

When seeking the services of a moving company, an office manager or owner should authorize a few employees to monitor the move and ensure that the procedures are supervised. The arrangement of the furniture and plants in the new office should be carefully managed. Avoiding delays is also vital, especially if the move is set on working days.

Save time and reduce hazards by hiring office movers. Have your moving needs executed by a team of professional movers. Worry less and enjoy your new office space!

Annie Jones
Annie Jones
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