Planning the Perfect Surprise Experience Gift

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Imagine. You’ve given a gift. The other person opens it, expecting a present, like all your other presents. But that’s not what happens. You’ve upped your gifting game. You’ve given them the gift of experience. A chance to make some wonderful memories. An adventure that you’ve planned just for them. It’s the perfect surprise. Looks nice, doesn’t it? But, how will you manage something like that? Giftory is the place to start. They have tons of experiences for you to choose from. With their collections and our tips, you’ll have the perfect gift in no time.

Finding the Right Experience

Know Who You’re Shopping For

The number-one, number-one (yep, it needed repeating) tip for finding the ideal surprise experience is simple: know the giftee. Your fiancé, your mail carrier, and your grandma aren’t going to have the same opinions of what’s a good time. So think about your giftee’s tastes, interests, and attitude. Are they an adventure-seeker, do they love the great outdoors, or are they more of a wine-and-dine type? Consider what it is that makes them happiest, and use that as a jumping-off point. Of course, you’re giving them the gift of a memory and that shows that you put some thought into it.

Price Point

Getting the perfect surprise experience gift doesn’t have to mean spending a gazillion dollars. Instead, take stock of your current budget, and stress level. Whether you’re looking to save a little or share a high-end adventure, there are tons of options available. Sites like Giftory list dozens of budget-friendly surprise adventures, so you’re sure to find something special, that works for you.

The Big Plan

The Right Moment

There are plenty of ways to perfectly plan and execute a surprise, but none are quite so important as the timing. Hours booked making a surprise escape for a weekend? Obviously, they need to be using those same hours for similar activities.  And you wouldn’t book a surprise birthday party for someone the morning after they called off their engagement (we hope). So use good sense, and plan your perfect surprise (surprise!).

Add a Personal Touch

Sure, the surprise experience is wonderful (that’s why you’re doing it, right?). But there’s nothing wrong with making things even more perfect by adding a few personal touches. Send along a heartfelt note, curate a driving playlist, or work in a few touches that are uniquely them. It’ll make a fantastic surprise even better!

Getting It Done

How to Keep a Secret

The element of surprise is everything. In order to keep a successful surprise, it’s important to not clue anyone in who might accidentally ruin it for you. Be subtle, ask about their schedule or preference on things, just don’t hint at anything.

The Reveal

The reveal is one of the most critical parts of the gift, if you really want to make it special you will need to find a cool, fun way to reveal what you have planned. Create a trail that leads to the reveal. Wrap up clues in little boxes with different tiers of gifts. Be memorable. The more unexpected the more they will remember it.

Awesome Ideas That Are Hard to Forget (and Super Fun)


If your friend loves the outdoors and loves an adventure, try to get them something exciting. I bet a hot air balloon ride would be a day they won’t forget soon. Or a bungee jump? Anything that raises the heartbeat is a good thing.

Spa and Relaxing

What would be the most relaxing experience for you and your friend? Something like a whole day or weekend at a fancy luxury spa, maybe a weekend retreat for some rest and relaxation? maybe a yoga escape?

Education and Culture

When your friend is a knowledge seeker, a nice history tour, some cooking classes, or even an art workshop would be like heaven for your friend. They will walk away having learnt and experienced something unique.


Creating a perfect surprise experience gift is all about being thoughtful, organized and a little bit creative. Make a list of all the things your friends enjoy, set a budget and go all out for the reveal!  Don’t wait! Kick off your shoes and jump into the gift experience world. After all, you are here to make someone’s day.

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