21st Century Sales Using Traditional Techniques

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If you work in a modern-day industry, such as IT, it can be tempting to use only modern methods to sell your services – but if social media and in-app advertising aren’t working for you, how can you drive revenues through traditional techniques?

The answer is actually quite simple as, despite many headlines within the advertising industries focusing on the digital trend, some of the older marketing methods are still driving substantial positive revenues even for high-tech firms.

Here are a handful of the most common marketing methods, and why you shouldn’t dismiss them purely because your products and services are digital-related.

IT Telemarketing

IT telemarketing simply means calling potential customers to tell them about your product portfolio, and it’s a great way to get a two-way dialogue going when compared with methods that simply advertise at people, without the chance to take their responses into account.

With telemarketing, you have the opportunity to respond to the prospect’s feedback, allowing you to tell them about specific products that meet their needs, or potentially to learn of other prospective customers who you might otherwise have missed.

This method is particularly good in business-to-business sales, where the person you call is likely to be expecting to receive a certain number of marketing calls in an ordinary day, and could have a genuine and substantial need for some new IT infrastructure.

Remember as well, that with a well thought-out list of potential prospects, IT telemarketing does not have to involve cold-calling, as you can limit the numbers you dial to the people you think may genuinely need your products and services.

Television Commercials

Plenty of the world’s biggest IT brands advertise on the television, from business IT consultancies and major server installation firm’s right through to consumer technology brands and manufacturers of the latest gadgets.

If you’re a growing IT firm, there’s a good chance that you might be able to free up enough budget to cover the cost of a television advert – with plenty of channels and regional variations, plus slots available around the clock, it might not break the bank to make your first foray into this form of broadcasting.

Just be sure to have your advert filmed and produced to a professional standard, to avoid looking amateurish if your commercial appears alongside one for a big brand.

Print and Radio Advertising

Two of the most traditional forms of advertising – and two of the longest-surviving media formats, too – print and radio share many of the same characteristics, including low initial costs for a one-off ad, and the potential to reach a large audience.

A print ad is a convenient option as anybody who sees it and is interested can tear it out of the newspaper and keep it – it’s a kind of mass-produced business card, in that sense.

Meanwhile, a radio campaign can gain real traction if it has a catchy jingle, but you might want to book several slots for your ad in order to give it the exposure it needs to stick in people’s minds.

Annie Jones
Annie Jones
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