3 Essential Security Investments for Your Retail Location

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Launching your new retail business—or simply doing a major security update at your existing location—is a big undertaking, and you probably have a long list of items to tackle to tighten everything up. 

No matter what location you have chosen as your business site, whether a standalone structure or as part of a shopping center, you must consider the physical safety and comfort of your employees and your customers, as well as the protection of your property and assets. You also must take stock of any potential security threats, including any direct theft committed by random shoppers or internal staff members, or an attack on a customer or employee entering or exiting your property. 

Thankfully, many retail business owners have been in your place before and have discovered some amazing security solutions. Check out three essential security investments you can make to protect your retail location for everyone’s safety and your peace of mind:

Invest in the High-Quality Locks and Alarms

Solid physical barriers and alarm systems are a classic kit when it comes to keeping your store location secure. For major entrances, consider a pin-cylinder lock with a deadbolt or double deadbolt. You may also consider installing bars on any back windows or doors. 

Only provide keys to managers, assistant managers and other employees or persons whom you deem trustworthy and have vetted to the degree that you feel most comfortable. Once you have assigned keys, keep a log of who holds keys.

The most dedicated criminals often will not stop when they meet the resistance of a lock or bars. They often find a way to breach barriers. In such cases, a silent alarm system can lull them into a false sense of security for a few moments while the authorities get the alert.

Keep Watch with Remote Surveillance

Few retail owners can afford to hire a security guard to watch over their store 24/7, but fortunately there are video surveillance solutions that work. Installing a remote security guard offers you several benefits, including and beyond security:

  • Allows for remote opening and closing.
  • Serves as a virtual doorman and guest escort.
  • Provides you with vital information about the activities of your employees to detect problems with loss of product.
  • Minimizes the occurrence of false injury claims, inside or outside of your retail building, or at least provides backup evidence for your defense against any claims.
  • Monitors your point-of-sale (POS) station, or cash register, in case of a robbery or employee theft. 

Focus on Lighting and Visibility  

Good lighting and visibility are essential elements to crime deterrence and general safety. Untrimmed bushes and trees where criminals can hide outside your store are easily managed by contracting a local landscaping professional. Indoors, place an easy-to-read sign alerting any potential robbers that employees cannot open the safe or that you have remote surveillance cameras installed and that any activity is being watched live.

Your Security Strategy Will Make You, Your Employees and Your Customers Feel at Ease

With these three security investments in place, you can rest a little easier knowing that you have put in your best effort to keep everyone safe. Between strong lighting, solid locks and a remote video surveillance system, you’re going in on the offensive to prevent crime.


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