A Man’s Blazer Should Fit Him In What Way?

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Blazers are versatile outerwear pieces that may be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Now that blazers come in a wide variety of colors, fabrics, and styles, they are a versatile garment that can be worn to a wide variety of occasions when paired with the right shirt or top, pants, and shoes.

Although it is possible to achieve the desired look by pairing the blazer with complementary colours and accessories, the blazer itself must be the suitable size in order to achieve the desired silhouette. It’s crucial to wear a blazer that flatters your figure and feels comfortable because of the potential drawbacks of wearing one that is either too big or too tight. This article explores blazer sizing and how to achieve a perfect fit.

Find out the proper way to wear a blazer

You might be interested in learning how a blazer is normally meant to fit, even if you want a different length for more comfort or warmth or a tighter fit for a more tailored look. Each component of this clothing must fit in a precise way because they were originally made to complement the wearer’s unique physique.

Each portion of a blazer is customarily tailored as follows:


The collar should wrap around your shirt collar naturally as it rests on the back of your neck.


Blazer shoulders shouldn’t be too snug or too loose if the seams are aligned properly.

To Cover Your Arm

The perfect length for sleeves is between your thumb and wrist so they don’t ride up your arm.


You should be able to fit a closed hand into the space between the lapels of your blazer and your chest when the jacket is buttoned all the way up.


Blazers are notoriously difficult to get just right, but you want yours to drape comfortably over your waist without being too baggy or loose.

An elderly gentleman makes sure his blazer fits properly.

A blazer’s length is a personal preference

The ‘cupping fingers’ method’ can be used to determine whether or not a blazer is an appropriate length for your frame. Simply put on the jacket, stand tall with your arms at your sides, and cup the bottom of it with your hands. A jacket that doesn’t reach your fingers is definitely too short, whereas one that flows into your hands is probably too long.

For aesthetic reasons, you might choose to go with a blazer that is either longer or shorter than the typical length. To illustrate, shorter and snugger blazers could be worn for a more relaxed look.

What size blazer I should buy?

In order to ensure that your blazer fits you perfectly, it is important to take your measurements. Even if you choose a blazer that is sized simply according to whether your chest is small, medium, or big, having precise measurements will help to assure a flawless fit.

Where can I find information on blazer sizing?

When ordering a blazer, the procedure of taking your measurements is straightforward. A measuring tape and a willing assistant are all that’s required to get your exact body dimensions. You need to take precise measurements of your chest, shoulders, and arms in order to get reliable results.

You’ll need to take the following numbers into account:

  • To determine your chest size, place a measuring tape around your body and bring it up to your armpits.
  • Across the broadest part of your back, measure from shoulder to shoulder.
  • How long you want the sleeves of your blazer to be is a matter of personal taste, so measure from the top of your shoulder to your wrist.
  • Upper body length: take your measurement from the base of your neck to your natural waist, again taking into account your particular preferences for jacket length.

Instructions for taking a blazer chest measurement

Even though we’ve already touched on how to measure for a blazer, it’s crucial that you get this right because it’ll determine how well the jacket fits. If you go for a blazer that has both a number and a letter for its size, you may use that information to get the right fit based on your chest size and your height. Somebody with a 45-inch chest would look great in a 45-inch length blazer.

Take your chest measurement with the tape sitting as low on your hips as feasible, as close to your armpits as possible, and not too snugly. If it’s too low and more closely approximates your stomach measurement, the results won’t be reliable, and your blazer won’t fit as well as it could.

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