An Indoor Pen Is a Great Ways to Protect Your Pup While You’re Out

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Many people have dogs and have to go to work, run errands, and be out of the house for other reasons. If you’re in that group, there are some convenient ways to keep your dog safe and comfortable when leaving them alone. Anyone with a dog knows that they’re wonderful companions but can also get into things they shouldn’t. They’re curious by nature, so you need a way to protect them and your house when you leave them home alone.

How to Make Your Indoor Pen Great For Your Pet

Provide Them With Plenty of Toys for Stimulation

Toys and dog-safe games are excellent choices for keeping your pup occupied. A wide variety of options are available, so you can find something your dog will love. While there might be some trial and error in finding toys your dog likes, puzzle games, slow feeders, and anything they can chase and destroy are usually good options. Giving your dog some choices is essential since they need to be able to change focus to keep their interest up.

Give Them Their Own Space Inside Your Home

There are all kinds of ways to give your dog their own space. You can crate or kennel them when you’re out, but that only gives them a little room to move around. With an enclosure from Clearly Loved Pets they can have a larger space to enjoy, where they can play with their toys and see their environment. You might also consider closing them in one room of your home, but that can lead to destructive behaviors if they get bored or anxious. Indoor pens help you avoid that.

Make Sure They Have Food and Water

Food and water are essential for keeping your pup healthy, and you want to ensure they have enough of both for the time you’ll be gone. Make sure to choose a sturdy water dish that can’t spill so you don’t come home to a mess and a dog that needs more water. When you keep your dog in an indoor pen when you’re out, you give them a safe and secure space to feel comfortable and content.

Don’t Leave Them Alone Longer Than Necessary

Even with a great indoor pen, you still don’t want to leave your dog alone longer than you have to. They can get frustrated or even depressed, and that’s not good for them in the long term. Playing with them and showing them plenty of love when you get home will help offset any anxious or sad feelings they might experience during your absence.

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