Beauty And Fashion – It Has Evolved Into Many Different Industries

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Make up and fashion has been an obsession for mankind since a very long time. It has been such a craze that there are various industries which solely depend on it. If you look at the number of makeup products that can be seen in the market you are surely going to be amazed. Did you know that there are hundreds of shades of lipsticks to be chosen from? Each shade will look good on a certain skin tone. Some go well with the outfits. Many guarantee to last for twenty four hours. Some are glossy while some are very neutral.

The same goes for the eye makeup. You may have seen varying shades over the eyes and may have also wondered what they will come up with next. Here too you can find a very wide range of shades. But have you noticed that the actual beauty of the face gets hidden under all these cosmetic arrangements? It is a fact which many people agree with. But still the obsession of the women to look better pushes them to take such experiments with their looks.

Have you noticed that the most beautiful faces try out the least make up? They just look natural and more beautiful. This must have fuelled the natural look among the makeup enthusiasts. You need a flawless skin to flaunt this look. Most of us are not blessed with it and have either blemishes or pimples or spots on our skin which does not go well with this look. The pollution and the hectic lifestyle just make the situation worse. So firstly, change your lifestyle and ensure that you are leading a healthy life. Here is a closer look at the neutral look sported by many famous faces.

• The moisturiser should be the base on your face for applying any make up. This gives your skin a healthy look. Make sure to use a primer to hide the pores beneath your eyes if they are too visible. The foundation which you apply should match well with your skin complexion. Also sponge off a little in case it gets applied a bit too much. A concealer too may come handy.

• When it comes to the facial beauty, nothing speaks as much as the eyes. To ensure that your eyes remain radiant and look natural, use the neutral brown eye shades. It is always better to apply the light brown shade under your eyes as well as on your eye lid. The dark shade is to be applied at the crease of your eye to make it all the more attractive. Then you can add finishing touches to it by applying eye liners or by curling up your eye lashes.

• On the lips, use a very light shade of lipstick. You may also add a lip gloss or balm.

• Make sure to apply a blush and contour on your cheeks to make it two shades darker that your skin tone.

The natural look is the most demanded look in the world of beauty and fashion. It goes well with all complexions.

Annie Jones
Annie Jones
I'm Annie Jones, Megri contributor, cook healthy food and makeup obsessive. I write for health, fashion and finance sections of the site from past 7 years.

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