Everything Regarding Evelyn Juanita Currie, The Sister Of Tina Turner

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Who Are The Sisters of Tina Turner?

evelyn juanita currie and Alline Bullock, Tina’s two sisters, were important figures in her life. Alline Bullock is Tina’s half-sibling, born as a result of their mother’s connection with Percy Lovelace, whilst evelyn juanita currie is her biological sister. Evelyn was raised in Haywood County, Tennessee, but subsequently relocated to Brownsville, Tennessee, to live with their grandmother, Georgeanna Currie, according to Jukebugs.

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Who Is Evelyn? Juanita Currie

Tina’s half-sister, evelyn juanita currie(1934–1954), was born as a result of her mother’s liaison with Percy Lovelace. Sadly, Evelyn died at the young age of 20 in an automobile accident in 1954. The sudden loss of her sister had a profound impact on Tina, who thought that her sister was the only person who fully understood her.

In summary

Sadly, Evelyn died on January 31, 1954, four months shy of her twentieth birthday. She and her cousin, Margeret Currie, were both injured in an automobile accident. While Evelyn’s death was not as sudden as her cousin’s, she nevertheless passed away too soon from a number of ailments.

Evelyn was buried in Nutbush, Haywood County, Tennessee, in the Woodlawn M.B. Church Cemetery. Tina Turner, who loved their relationship, had a deep and heartbreaking sorrow upon losing Evelyn. Even after her sister passed away too soon, Tina still has a particular place in her heart for Evelyn.

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