What You Should Experience When You Travel to Ibiza

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Ibiza is commonly known as a party island – most likely due to the clubbing scene in San Antonio, but there is so much to experience here even if you hung up your dancing shoes many moons ago. To me, Ibiza is an island rich in culture and beauty, and I couldn’t really imagine a better place to take a holiday from spring through to autumn. So if you’re looking for a relaxing sunshine getaway that is only a short flight away, Ibiza is surely somewhere you should visit and explore. If you’re wondering what to experience whilst you’re there, read a few of my recommendations below…

Taste the cuisine

If you’re a bit of a foodie, you’ll love Ibiza. The food here is delicious and there are so many local delicacies to try. My favourite is frita de porc which is pork, peppers, potatoes and onions. Other popular choices in my family include the arroz a la marinera (fisherman style rice) and the bollit de peix (fish stew). It’s hardly surprising that the sea plays such a large park in cuisine as fish are caught daily allowing the flavours to be authentic and fresh. Make sure you also try sobrasada (paprika sausage) and the amazing selection of local wines.

Explore the coastline

In between all of the delectable dishes, you may also want to do a bit of sightseeing. You’re in luck here because the island is absolutely stunning. Think of white sandy beaches and tree lined coves and you’re on your way to imagining Ibiza for yourself. It’s even better in person though as the often rugged landscape is perfect for exploring by foot or bike. You may want to take to the water in a canoe or kayak so you can see the scenery from a different point of view. Then again, sometimes the best way to make the most of it is to grab a towel and head to the beach instead.

Absorb the music

Spain and music often go hand-in-hand, and this is no different in Ibiza. Enjoy a drink in the evening listening to some authentic Ibizan music. If you go to the right places you may also see traditional dances being held such as la curta or sa filera. These are accompanied by beautiful dresses and smart suits. If you aren’t lucky enough to catch one of these events, you may simply hear some singing and masterful guitar playing near to where you’re staying.

Experience peace and quiet

One of my own requirements for a holiday is peace and quiet when I want it. In the morning I love nothing more than a couple of eggs, a strong coffee and an orange juice whilst overlooking the sea. That’s why I often rent a villa in Ibiza as my family and I get our own space – as well as having our own swimming pool to use! There are plenty of quiet spots to find along the coast too, so hire a car and begin exploring.

Jess Allen
Jess Allen
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