Guidelines If Are You Planning to Move Your Office

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If you are planning to move your office in Glasgow from one premise to a larger one or to another commercial area where you expect better business or more facilities, it is wise to consider everything involved before deciding one way or the other.


Location is important and adds to your reputation and prestige. By location it is not only the area of Glasgow where the office premises are located but also the building itself. The prime business areas of Glasgow are Buchanan street, Glasgow Business Park, Hillington, St. Vincent’s Street, Belgrave Street, West George Street, Bellshill and Blantyre Industrial Estate. Even within these areas certain buildings have a prestige all their own. This is because they are well maintained, have their own architectural attractions and are known to be top serviced offices Glasgow offers.

For instance, the Victorian building on Buchanan Street is a prime example of serviced offices. It has small and large offices and has a meeting room where about 20 persons can hold a conference. The Centre’s Centre offers offices ranging in size from 28 to 70 square meters and has a conference room too. The business park on St. Vincent Street offers accommodation ranging in size from 8 sq. mtrs to 25 sq. mtrs, ideal for individuals and small businesses with a small conference room for meetings. The attraction of Business Centre on West Regent Street is that it allows free phone calls, something marketing people may like if they make extensive use of the telephone.

What to look for in Serviced Offices Glasgow

Location, building and accessibility are important considerations. The facilities in serviced offices Glasgow based are equally important and should match your needs. You would naturally want to consider the following before making a move:

  • Size to suit your operation
  • Whether it is a new, Green building or an old one
  • Does it have air conditioning you can control individually? And is it on all the time? Closed cubicles without air conditioning can become horribly stuffy
  • How close is it to public transportation? It should ideally be close to Queen street and to Glasgow Central and walking distance from Buchanan Street station
  • Of course Parking space must be available
  • Importantly, it should be fully furnished with chairs, tables, cupboards, phone, fax and internet connection to get you started from day one.
  • Full security by way of CCTV
  • A reception area on the ground floor with a shared receptionist is a nice feature
  •  Conference rooms is a definite yes
  • Easy terms

Getting There Through an Agent

It may take you more than a couple of days to find the right location. The shortcut is to get in touch with an agent specializing in serviced offices Glasgow based and he will show you a list, describe each location’s services, facilities and pros as well as cons along with payment details. You may pay him an agency fee but it is well worth the expense when you consider the savings and benefits of having an expert guide you to the perfect location.

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