Why A Holiday To Cyprus Makes Sense

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With the summer holidays looming like some hovering, unidentifiable apparition in the twilight sky, your thoughts are probably turning to the question of destination choice for this year’s getaway. Thanks to the advent of lower air fares and the creation of many new airports in the UK, there has never been a better time to travel to the warmer climes of southern Europe. There are of course many places which would be a delight to travel to, but Cyprus holidays make for a particularly attractive option, as the country has many attractive qualities which can be enjoyed at affordable prices.

The weather in Cyprus is sunny for an average of 320 days of the year, making it warm and pleasant to stay in almost year round. So, you won’t need to travel during school holiday time if you don’t have to in order to enjoy the sunshine – especially great if you don’t have kids yourself, or don’t want to be near other people’s when you are trying to relax!

Beautiful, clean sand beaches and clear blue waters await you upon arrival – 48 of Cyprus’ beaches held the EU blue flag as of 2005, which demonstrates the care taken to ensure that the coastline remains pristine. So if it is a beach holiday you are after, Cyprus can offer you a top rate experience.

Asides from the weather and beaches, Cypriot food has to be seen to be believed. Traditional dishes such as Kalamari and Kleftico are a delight to eat and the Cypriot menu of Meze is equally appealing. Sample any number of wonderful local wines made in vineyards which have existed for many hundreds of years. You will find that in any Taverna or restaurant you are treated with the utmost courtesy, as Cypriots are very proud of their hospitable natures.

A varied history and culture can also be found on the island. Top notch restaurants, classy nightclubs and elegant bars cater to all sorts of people’s needs and interests. Ayia Napa is one area in which clubbing is prominent, with English pubs available for those tourists desperate for a familiar pint. Other happening towns to visit for a vibrant night life are Larnaca and Limassol. A more cosmopolitan atmosphere is felt at Nicosia. There are of course quieter towns more suitable for families.

In terms of activities, there are many opportunities to walk, hike or trek along the paths of the Troodos Mountains. Thanks to the abundance of paths across the island, there is something to suit beginners or advanced hikers. In this region, Platres is in particular a stunning area to visit. Alternatively, visit the Akamas Peninsula. Golf lovers will be pleased to know that there are four golf clubs on the island, three of which can be located near Paphos and one near Limassol.

With so much to offer, and being only a couple of hours’ flight away, it makes sense to choose a holiday to Cyprus for your holiday this year.

Jess Allen
Jess Allen
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