How To Take Your Jewellery Safely On Holidays?

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If there was ever a way that jewellery should make us feel it’s sure, though there are many places in which it’s advisable not to wear any jewellery at all, bar your wedding band and sometimes even a wedding band may be too much.

There are however, a few measures that can be taken to reduce the attention your jewellery receives whilst on holiday overseas so you can continue confidently wearing your jewellery on special occasions.

 How Is Jewellery Commonly Stolen?

 Before we discuss ways to mitigate the attention you and your items of jewellery receive, it’s worthwhile discussing the two most common ways in which you could have your jewellery stolen whilst travelling. The first of these is by stealth – a thief will take your jewellery from your person, bag or hotel without you knowing, and then there’s force – you’ll be held up, usually at gun or knife point, and your jewellery and items of value, including cash and credit cards, will be taken from you. These are the two most common methods to steal jewellery, and if this puts the fear in you – as it does many travellers– perhaps it’s best to leave your jewellery at home.

 Feeling Secure Whilst Taking Jewellery On Holidays

 There are several methods that can be used to feel more secure about your jewellery when travelling, though all involve reducing visibility to some extent, so if you’re insistent on wearing your diamond jewellery for the entire world to see, these handy tips mightn’t be what you’re looking for – you’re probably better off hiring a bodyguard to keep you safe.

Decide what jewellery you want to take and what you should leave at home. If you are going overseas and wish to take a few items of jewellery with you as many women do, limit the amount of jewellery you take with you on your travels. There’s little need to dress like royalty on holidays, just take a couple of pairs of earrings that go with your outfits and do the same with necklaces and rings.

Make a list of the items you’re taking with you. What’s actually required are two lists, one for your luggage (keep it separate from your jewellery) and another left at home. If anything happens over the course of your travels you’ll have one list for the police and one for your insurance company. You have travel insurance don’t you?

When travelling by air, road, sea or train, keep your jewellery with you, not necessarily on you, but with you in a bag. Never put your jewellery in your check-in luggage, it will show up in metal detectors and therefore prove tempting.

Keep your jewellery secure when you’re not wearing it. When staying at hotels always keep your jewellery – especially that stunning diamond engagement ring from the Diamond Store – in the in-room safe when you’re not wearing it. If you have extremely valuable jewellery with you, ask to use the hotel’s safe-deposit box instead of the in-room safe.

When wearing your jewellery out in public – not in the hotel or restaurant but when walking on the street or catching public transport – don’t showcase your jewellery, play it down by concealing it under your shirt (necklaces), pushing it up your forearm (bracelets), crossing your arms, interlocking your fingers or keep your hands in your pockets (rings). This is very easy to do and won’t look unnatural at all, which is something to avoid – if you look like you’re hiding something thieves looking for targets will catch on and that’s something you don’t want to risk.

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Annie Jones
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