How To Touch Up Those Scratches On Your Car

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We all spend a lot of money on our cars, whether we choose to buy a new one with gleaming bodywork or a used one with signs of ageing. Regardless of the type of car, everyone wants their cars to look their best and retain as much of its value as possible. This is where car touch up paint can really help!

When you get a scratch on your car, regardless of whether it is your fault or not, it can prove hugely frustrating. We know that feeling of every time you look at your car, all you see is that one scratch and your heart sinks because of the cost involved with removing it. Fortunately, car touch up paint can help you to get rid of the scratch yourself at a fraction of the cost that you would usually pay.

With this in mind, how do you touch up those scratches on your car?

Find The Right Paint

This begins with ensuring that you can find the right colour to match your car. You can usually do this using the VIN number of your car which can be found near the engine area or inside the driver’s door.

Test the Colour

Even though the colour should match, you should try it on a different surface to see if it matches. If the colour is a good match, then you have the right paint!

Choose the Right Conditions

This is not a job that you would do in the rain. Therefore, make sure that the place has a low humidity and is not in direct sunlight as this can cause problems when applying it and with the drying process.

Time to Prepare

It is not just a case of putting your touch up paint straight onto the area. This is because you will need to give the car a clean to remove any dirt, grime and grease.

Apply Your Primer

A coat of primer will ensure that the surface of your car is ready to be painted. When you apply it, you will need to make sure that it is dry before moving to the next step.

Apply a Basecoat

This is the colour that matches your car, but you will need to apply several thin coats to ensure that you bring the level of the scratch to the same level as the existing paintwork. Again, you will need to leave this dry.

Apply Clearcoat

Apply this carefully but apply in several thin layers. It will need to be floated over the basecoat to ensure that it doesn’t remove it.

Use a Cutting Product

You want to make sure that the area is smooth and shiny, so using a product that will help to create a finished appearance will ensure you do a complete job to a high standard.

When it comes to removing scratches, it is vital that you follow the necessary steps and speak to experts where possible. This will ensure you do a good job and leave your car paint looking like new.

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Austin K
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