Spruce Up Your Garden And Give Your Home a New Kerb Appeal

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Selling your home is more than just making it look good on the inside. Sure, people want a home that looks smart, requires very little work, and offers everything they want but people should also be proud of how the outside of their home looks. If a home is rundown, it portrays an image that the owner doesn’t care for it. If a home is looked after, then it not only shows that the owner cares, but it gives it kerb appeal. So, if you want to put your house up for sale with estate agents Essex and want to get the best possible price, then it might be time to get to work on your garden!

Clean Up Walls and Fences

Many homes will have their border protected by fencing or walls. Over time, the paint on wooden fencing can fade while walls can fall prey to moss and general dirt and grime. So, if you have wooden fencing then it is time to get the brush out and give it a lick of paint. If you have a wall, then you might want to get the jet wash out and remove the dirt and grime. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference some new paint and a clean wall can make.

Remove Dead Shrubs and Trees

Dead shrubs and trees make a garden look untidy. They look straggly, lack any colour and they simply take over the rest of the garden. If you spend time pulling out dead shrubs and removing trees, you will add more light and space, all of which will enhance the look of your home from the road.

Cut Back Overgrown Bushes and Trees

In a similar way to dead shrubs, anything that is overgrown can leave your garden looking as though it lacks any space. They can also hide parts of the garden that could be used such as patios or borders. Give everything a trim and cut them back so they have some shape and allow you to see the garden for what it is.

Improve Pathways

Pathways that lead up to your home and you want to make it feel as though potential buyers have a desire to walk up the path and look at your home. If you have a slabbed pathway, then a jet wash will really bring it to life and if you have weeds then it is time to remove them. If you have a path made from stone chippings, topping it up with new stone will brighten up the area easily.

Plant More Flowers

Flowers have a great ability to add a sense of style and charm into your garden, improving the overall look of a garden. A variety of flowers that complement each other will give your home an injection of colour but it will also make your home feel welcoming which is key when displaying your house to potential buyers.

Overall, your garden could make or break the overall aesthetic of your home. A well looked after garden can add an enchanted feel to your home. Whilst a neglected garden will only reduce the value and defer potential buyers. Spend a weekend adjusting your garden and you will quickly notice how appealing and welcoming it becomes!

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