How Tubular Heaters Will Help You Beat The Evening Chill This Summer

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There is nothing better than enjoying your garden or a beer garden during the much-anticipated sun during spring and summer. In the UK, we try to take every opportunity we can to make the most of the rarely spotted sun when it comes out.

Many of us have newly converted gardens that provide external living space with seated areas, garden bars and summer houses as a result of the lockdown, so it stands to reason we want to make the most of it after our investment.

But one thing about the British weather is that it’s unpredictable, with a warm day feeling suddenly cool due to some big clouds or a chilly breeze. Or when the sun goes down and the chill rolls in on those clear nights. This might be when we layer up or give up and go inside, but what if you could make your outdoor space warm and welcoming when the natural heat fades? Could tubular heaters be the option?

Why Tubular Heaters Could Be The Ideal Solution

We all know of patio heaters – they are available as gas or electric and you can even buy Infrared ones, but they can be costly – not to mention dangerous. You may not always feel comfortable using heat of this kind where there is wood and decking (which is common in many garden bars, summerhouses and seating areas) or you’re conscious of the cost in refilling gas or on your electric bill.

You may opt to use a fire pit once the sun goes down, but again this relies on a safe space to have a fire, sufficient wood and fuel for the fire and understanding neighbours who aren’t going to be annoyed by the smoke. Not to mention new rules around log burners and the amount of smoke they emit in line with environmental policies and air pollution rules.

But we have a solution, one that is low cost, low energy, safe and easy to use – tubular heaters! Run with electricity, our IP54-rated tubular heaters are ideal for providing a warm ambient temperature in cold environments such as sheds, garages and greenhouses.

With their tubular design, they can easily be fixed to walls with their mounting brackets and provide heat without getting in the way. With a thermostat, you can set your tubular heaters to come on a certain time or when the temperature drops below a certain level.

Where Do I Buy Tubular Heaters?

 Tubular heaters aren’t as widely known or as available as other heaters and are somewhat of an insider secret but are becoming increasingly popular as people seek out cheaper heating solutions. They are extremely energy efficient and cost only a few pence an hour to use, so they won’t drive your energy bills up either – something we are all conscious of with rising prices.

We Are Tubular Heaters are linked to the initial inventors of the tubular heater and provide high quality tubular heaters in a range of sizes and colours and have starter kits to provide you with everything you need to set up.

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