Keelan Leyser, (UK) – Digital Illusionist, Virtual Magician in London

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Keelan Leyser, (UK) – Magician

Close Up Illusion

Close-up illusion is one of Keelan’s passions. Many people prefer watching the skill of close-up illusion as it is more personal and there is no barrier of a camera lens or stage because this close-up illusion can seem almost more unbelievable as incredible and inexplicable things happen right under your nose.

When you see Keelan perform close up you can be guaranteed to witness some of the fastest sleights of hand you may ever see, some jaw-dropping gambling techniques and some clever misdirection when your watch ends up in his hands.
Keelan is constantly in demand for corporate and private events and has performed in some of the most prestigious companies and places and people in the world.
Recent “victims” of his sleight of hand include Prince Charles and George Michael and Michael Jackson, IBM, Deutsche Bank, NTL, Merrill Lynch, The Economist, Investors in People, London Clubs, Fanta and many many more.

Stage Show

A blend of award-winning dance and illusion, which will inspire, entertain and amaze, whilst promoting your company, product and message in a unique and spectacular way.

Illusionist Keelan Leyser has teamed up with®, UK’s leading large-scale illusion and special FX company, to create the most spectacular illusion show in the UK. Using the latest techniques in video, 3d animation and illusion technology.

The sultry quality of each number is amplified to fit the mood by unique, sometimes funky – sometimes retro costumes, invigorating music and industrial strength, rock concert style lighting and high-tech theatrical illusions.

The show moves with such exuberant vitality, technical virtuosity and infectious rhythm that audiences find it hard to sit still.

Dance Illusion is the coolest, hottest, and most entertaining theatrical dance illusion sensation on the world stage. Words just don’t do it justice. watch his close-up magician

Speaking – Mind Reading – Pick-pocketing

In this fast-paced, televisual age, audiences attending conferences, seminars or workshops increasingly demand to be entertained while being educated and inspired as well as informed.

This is why Lewis and Leyser’s unique blend of cutting-edge research – from the chairman of one of the UK’s most innovative market research companies – and the mind-stretching skills of Britain’s top “mind manipulator” is proving such a hit with organisers and audiences alike.

They combine cutting-edge training, in such essential business skills as selling, communications and stress management, with attention-grabbing demonstrations and dynamic, interactive, learning experiences.

Not only will those attending master important skills, that can be immediately put to work for enhancing performance and increasing bottom-line results, but they will also come away more highly motivated and with a far greater appreciation of their own enormous potential for success. Each of Lewis & Leyser’s key-note topics is precisely tailored to their client’s requirements in order to meet an organisation-specific conference goal.

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