Latest Android Technology and How These Are Beneficial?

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Android is a Mobile operating system that is widely available in Smartphone, Tablet and Touchpad. An Android App is an application that we can use in the devices which supports android software. An Android App is very beneficial for business purpose also. Users only have to download the app from internet and install it in the mobile phone and can take pleasure of its features.

There are many android applications that are available on the Internet some are Paid and other ones are available free. Some of the Applications are listed below:

Greenify: Now everyone is fond of using mobile phones and this continuously using will reduce your mobile battery. Greenify app is used to upgrade the Phone-Battery. It handles the system by sitting at background regularly then examines and manages that how much battery the various Apps are using. When any App not use by user it can solidify that App and do Unfreeze that App when user have to use it.

Benefits of Greenify:

  • It saves the battery when an app was not used by us.
  • It Manages the App that runs on the user Mobile phone.

CityMapper: On CityMapper we can see the list of all public transport routes, how much cash we need for the journey, city wide travel cards. Transport data about the route also available in this App. It also gives the  information about that how many bikes are available to hire. In this year CityMapper is widely used App.

Benefits of  CityMapper:

  • Provide information about costs, transport routes, travel cards.
  • Provide information about that how many bikes are available for hire.

Google Play Books: This app is preinstalled in the Vanilla Version of android. Here the user can easily read the e-books that are available on it. It can also provide us the feature to upload our e-book in it and then login with your android device and easily read that e-book. It means that we can read from our tablet and from phones anytime and anywhere.

Benefits of  Google Play Books:

  • We can easily read the uploaded e-books.
  • We can also upload our e-books on it.

AirDroid: This App is a time saver because when we are working on our laptop and computer as by using this you can save your valuable time. It also provides you service to give response of messages, and can share our files effortlessly between mobile and computer. But it needs a booted Device.

Benefits of AirDroid:

  • It helps you to easily control your phone via computer and laptop.
  • We can share our files easily.

Google Fit: Google Fit is already installed in your Android phones but if it is not you can easily download it from web. This app can easily track our walking, running, cycling activities when we carry our phone and it is also consistent with android with smart watch.

Benefits of Google Fit:

It helps us to track and make record of exercise when we walk, cycling and any other activity.

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