Learning Ability Is Determined by Cognitive Skills

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Learning Ability Is Determined by Cognitive Skills

Research has shown that one of the determining factors to measure a person’s learning ability is their level of cognitive skills. Cognitive skills are simply the mental skills that a person uses when they are trying to acquire knowledge. So, when an individual has very strong cognitive skills, they are generally a faster learner. However, when they have weaker cognitive skills, it can be challenging for them to understand and grasp new concepts.

How Can Cognitive Skills Improve Learning and Educational Performance

There are children who easily become frustrated, and they often find it difficult to complete schoolwork. This is generally due to the fact that they do not have cognitive skills strong enough to process the information. Adults with limited cognitive skills often find themselves stuck in dead-end jobs that place a limit on their vocational abilities. Later in life, adults may notice they have poor concentration, poor focus and memory loss. Rutgers Online cognition and development degree graduates have noted that regardless of how old a person may be their cognitive skills can improve if they have the proper training.

Weaker cognitive skills can become stronger, and normal cognitive skills can become greater to increase performance and ease in learning.
Online MELCD degree graduates have stated that the following skills are the most critical in cognitive learning.


Concentration is defined as the ability and skill for one to focus their attention on a single subject or thought while excluding everything else that is in their environment. It is considered to be one of the most important mental abilities a person should have. They will never achieve success without it.
Students must be able to concentrate when working on a project, homework assignment, test or review. They need to be able to learn a new subject and obtain good grades. Concentration is also important for athletes. They must execute their strategy correctly so they can overpower their opponent.
Business owners must be able to focus on all aspects of starting a new business, while also giving each factor individual attention. They must do this if they ever want to get the business operating successfully and bringing in a profit. In addition, business leaders and executives must stay focused on the company’s mission, strategies, and vision when making deals and creating contracts with others.
The ability to improve concentration will allow a person to avoid issues, difficulties, and embarrassment that may occur when the mind begins to wander. The better concentration a person has, the faster they can comprehend different subjects, which makes learning a lot easier.


The sensation is the action of receiving information through sensory receptors. For example, we receive sensations through our eyes, nose, ears, mouth and skin. With the eyes, we receive sensations of light rays and these rays become focused on the retina of the eye.
On the other hand, perception is the interpretation of what the body senses. Physical events that are transmitted into the retina may be perceived as a particular pattern or color. Events picked up by the ears could be interpreted as a noise, a voice, a meow or a musical instrument.

Cognitive skill are critical if children are to learn and retain information. With the proper training, improvement of these skills can be realized in the classroom.

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