Let Your IPad Give You A Hand With Investments And Savings!

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Most of us get an instant headache when we start to delve into our personal finance issues, there appears to be layer upon layer of bills and hidden extras increasing on a monthly basis. The recession has definitely taken a lot of the fun out of our lives in recent years. Instead of saving for nice cars and exotic holidays, most of us are clinging onto our homes and jobs for dear life. If you would really like to get your financial house back in order again but can’t face dealing with a dreary advisor, why not take a look at some other options? There are some extremely useful iOS apps that sit nicely on the iPad for some very astute financial help especially for you. This article looks at 2 of these applications for you right now and why not see if any of them suit your needs?

Mint.com  is already a celebrity in these circles and over 10 million customers would suggest that you should join them pretty quickly if you need financial advice! As well as winning numerous awards, Mint.com will help you to manage your money wherever you may be. You can budget and track all of your financial movements and this app will also give you all of the answers you want almost instantly. The graph section is second to none and you can keep adding your new accounts without fear of losing visibility of your whole financial worth. As well as being able to use the iPad’s easy to read touchscreen, this app will also run on your iPhone but will need iOS 5.0 or later for this function. The whole app and its contents can be synced up to Mint.com’s website and your password is a uniquely encrypted 4 digit affair. If you only ever had one iOS financial buddy, this would surely be the one!

How many times have you been left scratching your poor head as you try to make sense of the myriad of mortgage calculations in front of you? As for those investment options, just forget about it! We are often so bamboozled by the percentage and variable parameters that we either give up and sign the document or simply stumble away shaking out bemused heads. Well now you can step up to the plate and use this app to give you the answers you need when you need them! You can create your own calculator templates with ease and simply dial in the figures to see which deal suits you the best. The graph option is also a real winner here, and there is no comparison for the visual aid that allows you to examine the financial peaks and troughs that come with these long term commitments. This app was devised by Infinity Softworks and after 15 years and nearly 20 million calculators already under their belt, we kind of trust them a lot!

iPad For President?

Hey, who knows but we do recommend either of these apps for your touchscreen buddy straight away!

Annie Jones
Annie Jones
I'm Annie Jones, Megri contributor, cook healthy food and makeup obsessive. I write for health, fashion and finance sections of the site from past 7 years.

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