Megrisoft Limited Celebrates 29th Anniversary

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Today, Megri Soft Limited has a new reason to celebrate as it is successfully stepping into its 30th anniversary, with another new business year to incessantly offer the best outsourcing products, services, and solutions in Web Designing, Web Development, Mobile development, E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Outsourcing & Operations to all its customers. 

On this day Feb 05, 2021, the company showcases another year of growth, development, creativity, and exclusively business as it predominantly believes to build a professionalized business with human values, integrity, novel solutions, and its high value for money. 

As a well-known Global IT leader headquartered in Chandigarh, India, Megri Soft has grown and established itself in three international locations such as London, the United States of America, and Canada by offering innovative and sustainable solutions to all its clients worldwide.

Going back to the roots of its success journey, Megri Soft was founded by Mohnesh Kohli in 1992, with small office space in Chandigarh measuring about 1000 sq ft, with only 2 staff and one customer. It was his strong zeal and dream that made him achieve new frontiers like never before in the field of IT and web development. The company’s good reputation and trust from clients have been gained due to its excellent services and this has led to its overall development. Today, Megri Soft has roofed a long and evolutionary journey with 4+ offices, 250+ fulltime staff, and also has splendid opportunities for part-time and freelance workers, making itself a hub of its truly profound IT services.

All the credits go to the assets of Megri Soft, who are none other the trusted and hard-working experts from various backgrounds but united as one in Megri Soft because of their similar passion and interests in web development and digital marketing. Megri Soft Limited is now Registered with Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and is also listed with Delhi Stock Exchange. Its growth has allowed over 1000+ big and small companies to establish themselves with a remarkable online presence. As the leading giant in outsourcing and SEO, SMO, Web Programming, Development, and Designing, Megri Soft has been able to build its own brand and reputation for over 29 years.

Its strong underpinning and values enabled itself to sustain with all the crises and come out strong even during the dot-com meltdown and the unpredicted recession that had occurred in its largest markets, the U.S. and Europe. As the company is again moving towards a fresh start, it proves to embrace new milestones and beat its own record. 

About Megri Soft Limited

Megri Soft Limited established in 1992, offers the best solutions to all its clients from web strategy to web development, digital marketing, advertising, and other marketing services. Its vast network, services, knowledge, and experienced experts will assist you to find the desired solutions to all your business requirements. 

Austin K
Austin K
My Name is Austin K. I work as Digital Marketing Professional at Megrisoft Limited London Office. I am blogger and write on topic of News, Technology and Travel. I love Starbucks.


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