4 Website Design Tips For Moving Companies

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Whether it’s moving locally or internationally, people will more likely hire a moving company to help them with certain tasks such as packing and lifting boxes. Thus, if you’re running your relocation business, you need to implement modern technologies to keep up with the competition in the online world and these include having a well-designed website.

Typically, a website can help you reach more consumers and provide more opportunities for you to close a deal and make revenue. With plenty of people searching for movers in your area, then, your website can be the first impression you have of your business.

If you want to maintain a good impression and avoid losing potential customers, below are the four website design tips to consider for your moving companies:

Use A Unique Website Design

When it comes to making your site stand out from your competition, using a unique web design can be an excellent idea. If possible, you can play around with different layout elements such as colors, fonts, styles, and many more.

For example, you can try to use a bold layout, fonts, or colors. However, in doing so, you should make sure it’s easy to use and navigate for your visitors. That way, you can get the most out of the user experience by making your website design look and feel beautiful.

Build A Mobile Responsive Website

Another website design tip to consider is to come up with a mobile-responsive website. This means that the layout or content should respond perfectly based on the size of your mobile’s screen. With more people using their mobile devices to search for anything, it’s important for your moving company to be mobile-friendly to connect with more prospects and generate more sales in the long run.

When using a mobile-responsive design for your website, the following should be considered:

  • Images should be optimized to ensure they fit the screen.
  • The content should be presented in a vertical position so it’ll go along with the user’s scrolling motion.
  • Buttons, titles, and body texts should be enlarged for users to easily read and click the content.
  • The navigation menu should be placed in the upper corner for easy access.

Create Great Content

In addition to having a beautiful layout, you should also invest in creating great content for your website. Nowadays, people read more information about what they’re searching for. Hence, if you want to attract more customers to visit your website, you can make use of some informative content and have some pages dedicated to all your moving services.

For example, if you’re offering long distance moving, you may want to include some tips on how to move long distances and many more. With this kind of content, your website visitors will surely stay on your website and read up on your experience and overall business.

Add Some Essential Website Elements

While your content can be a perfect addition to your website, there are still some elements that you should include to make it more appealing to your moving customers. These can include:

  • Award and association logos – With several movers in Manhattan NYC or wherever you may be, in the market nowadays, you probably need leverage to your website to attract more customers. For instance, you should include logos for your associations, awards, accomplishments, and memberships. These can be one of the best ways to convince your prospective customers to hire your moving company for your needs.
  • Include your phone number – While simple forms can be a good way to contact you, adding your company’s active phone number can also be an excellent idea as it allows your site visitors to easily contact you. In doing so, be sure to place it on the top right of your site where it can be seen quickly.
  • High-quality photos – If you want to portray your moving business to be legitimate and trustworthy, then, adding high-quality photos of your crew, trucks, and even your previous movers can be the best thing you should do. That way, you can reduce your potential customers’ fear and worry that you’re unreliable.
  • Estimate Form – It’s also essential to provide an estimate form on all your web pages. It gives your customers an idea of what your relocation will more likely cost without calling you on the phone. Moreover, don’t forget to add a call-to-action button to come up with a more robust form in which prospects can provide more information.

The Takeaway

Typically, a well-designed website can go a long way in attracting more prospective customers, generating leads, and keeping your customers. Thus, if you want your moving company to be on top of your online competition, follow the tips mentioned above and you’ll be able to take advantage of your website to grow your business.

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