NAGA’s Ecosystem Adheres To Foster Next Level Transparency

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In the field of financial technology, The NAGA Group AG is counted as a distinguished and reputed firm doggedly engaged in developing and launching excellent technology ventures. The motto this widely known FinTech company is spreading the benefits of financial technology to the masses following blockchain-oriented ecosystem in respect of decentralized investing, trading and education in the reputed fields such as virtual goods, cryptocurrencies, and financial markets.

NAGA Ecosystem- To Beef Up More Transparency   

Naga ecosystem revolves all around NAGA Trader, NAGA Virtual and NAGA Wallet dedicated to carving out a single platform creating more transparency about buying and selling stock, virtual goods and cryptocurrencies. Here, the prominent three are being shared below-

NAGA Trader

  • This reputed introduced NAGA Trader, a mobile-oriented first social trading app imparting a benefit to trading forex, CFD, and indices by just copying other trades.
  • This sophisticatedly designed app comes up with incredible features of a social network such as Facebook, Twitter and so on.
  • Talking about other excellent features, there are so many such as Auto Copy, Protector, News Fee, Social Features, Copy Trades and so on.
  • Going with this app means you are allowed to share trades with a larger community without confronting any hassle.

NAGA Virtual

NAGA is known as the first independent, safe as well as legal virtual good exchange platform.  This is the best app for the game lovers. It is being used on a large scale among the people. Because of the easy and simple interface, people are preferring this.

NAGA Wallet

NAGA Wallet plays a significant role in this ecosystem. The motto of this app is offering secure multi-currency wallet making deposit and exchange cryptocurrencies easier.

The motto of this German Technology company is coming up with disruptive business models. NAGA also created a great buzz at the forefront by conducting one of Germany’s fastest recorded IPOs in the past 15 years. Furthermore, this is one and only company following up a successful IPO along with a token sale.  

Executive Director Benjamin Bilski – A True Inspiration

Benjamin Bilski has introduced various key fintech products introduced by THE NAGA GROUP AG including Virtual Item Exchange, Licensed Brokerage NAGA Markets and NAGA Virtual. Within a short span of time, it made a great stir and startup went public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange raising $3.1 million and next $50 million in an ICO. He also got listed on Forbes as 30 under 30 –Europe – Technology 2018.

According to Executive Director of the company, Benjamin Bilski, “it makes us feel great that legion of users are using this app and making $10-$15,000 per month having trades copied by other traders on the platform.” Though NAGA Trader launched in 2016, within a short span of time it has managed to fetch attention of thousands of active users.

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