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Sanna Meira, also known as Sannatorr, is a Spanish-born Instagram influencer and model from Brazil who resides in Barcelona. She has a huge chest and a voluptuous body, which are highly recognized on Instagram.

Sanna Meira has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and OnlyFans even though she is solely well-known on Instagram. She is well-known on Instagram for sharing stunning photos of her, her trips, and her meals.

The day of her birth was July 12, 1988. She is a Cancerian, single, and stands at 5.7 feet tall.

Despite the fact that she hasn’t made her bra size public, a study of innumerable pictures showed that she wears a 36H. No surgery had been performed to enlarge her chest. It is entirely organic.

Additional sanna meira sannatorr facts

On the internet, there is a report that she had sex with Drake when he was in Spain. Even if it could be accurate, the assertion has not been verified.

Sanna Meira enjoys both eating and watching movies. The films “Take the Money and Run,” “O Auto Da Compadecida,” “Tropa de Elite,” and “American Gangster,” among others, are among her favorites. She enjoys anime as well.

She also updates her Instagram account with photos from her travels. She enjoys cooking and posting on the site about her culinary exploits.

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