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Marketing for your business is a serious project. You have to be well versed with all of the current marketing channels and digital is most definitely the most vital of them all. Digital marketing offers you a variety of choices to create targeted marketing ads. Experts in marketing consulting agree that one of the most prominent solutions at the moment is the trend of creating marketing funnel. Sales funnels are basically a strategy of advertisement placement with content that is designed to get your cold target audience to be converted to active leads. Facebook Ads are one of the best ways to get started in this kind of strategy, particularly if it is the first time you are working with sales funnels for your business marketing.

You can set up a Facebook Ad sales funnel in a few steps; you just have to keep in mind that there is a basic strategy to it. Facebook ads course for beginners & experts can help in this.

Understanding your Target audience behavior

Understanding your Target audience behavior

Any business depends on the customer behavior to strategize concrete conversions. Simply study your customer behavior in terms of the types of trends that are going viral for your target audience group, the types of competitors business that they are relating to and most importantly the types of social media content you can actively see getting more popular with your target audience group.

Analysis of the various stages that make up a buying cycle

Analysis of the various stages that make up a buying cycle

The stages of the buying cycle for any business strategy with the buyer awareness where the buyer realizes they need something and start researching about the product. The second stage is buyer consideration which includes comparing the different platforms offering the product or the service and analyzing the offerings according to the features and budget. The final stage is Buyer decision which is just the culmination of the consideration stage. During this stage the buyer might also actively call multiple companies or brands to get a close up preview of the customer support and the product advantages before making the final call.

Features To set your Facebook funnel ads apart

Features To set your Facebook funnel ads apart

Understand the variable that Facebook is a social media platform. Here people are simply killing time and actively socializing. You will rarely find a client coming to Facebook for the Buyer awareness stage. However, your advertisements have to be designed to leave an impression on the clients when they are simply lounging on similar pages or interests.

Alternately, your Facebook funnel can be designed to create an awareness amongst your buyer group which triggers a need in them to buy the product. This will make them start the research from your brand, smoothly setting you brand as an expert in the field. Automatically they will circle back to your website during the Buyer decision stage because they would want to buy from the expert in the field if it is possible for their budget.

Facebook funnel

Remember, for Facebook funnel ads you are still working on seducing the clients and not actively pushing your product. Do not design every advertisement to be directly drawing attention to the many features of your product. Pick a USP and create an intelligent or creative advertisement around to set it as an identity for your brand.

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