Delivering customer service Through Social Media

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Looking for a new, modern way to deliver customer service? Social media could be the next big thing in your marketing strategy. Social media provides convenience and efficiency and is also easily accessible 24 hours a day. With most consumers using mobile devices for service and information, having access to support is crucial for a successful customer experience. 

What is social media customer service? 

Social media customer service is how support and services are provided through social platforms. This modern technique is becoming a popular marketing strategy in many industries, allowing customers to contact the service teams quickly and easily! Most social media platforms include direct messaging services or faq’s for more common questions. These platforms typically use functions such as automated responses or human interaction.

What makes good social media customer service?

There are several tips to follow to create a successful customer service system that benefits both the customer and the business. 

Choosing the right social platform 

One of the main priorities regarding social media customer service is the platform used. Different businesses will benefit from different socials due to customer preferences and engagement. Doing client research and finding out where your customers are most active will help to decide which platforms to create an account for. For instance, if you have a younger audience, you may opt to use Instagram or Tiktok. 

Alternative handle

Creating a separate account dedicated to a customer support team is essential to the success of a social media customer plan. Having a designated handle for queries, issues and customer help, provides an easy way to separate more general queries or social engagement. This handle can simply be the business name with support or help added to the end.

Templates for common queries 

Creating automated templates for common questions will filter out more brief queries and offer a quick response. Questions which could be answered with a template include things such as how much does delivery cost? Has my parcel been dispatched? Resolving these questions without human interaction will save time and resources. If these questions can’t be answered, this is when it would move on to talking to a representative for more detailed messaging. 

Question and answer section 

Creating a FAQ grid or general question tab will reduce the need for customers to direct message or use business resources. Although similar to templates, this offers a first port of call for customers who may not want to wait or spend time asking their queries. 

Live public responses 

Outside of direct messaging, platforms such as Twitter and Instagram also allow customers to post comments and opinions on a live feed. A marketing team can offer quick responses to queries or issues whilst also staying live in the foreseeable future for other customers to read. 

Company guidelines

Your guidelines will align with your company values and how you want to appear to your customers. Customer service guidelines include emergency protocols, language use, response time and permission management. These guidelines should be shared throughout the marketing department and linked through the company site. 

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