Almost any business owner would agree that their company’s biggest asset is its people. But hiring, training and retaining new workers takes up time and resources. Staffing agencies offer a flexible solution for companies that need to adjust their workforce quickly. They take on the time-consuming tasks of sifting through resumes, interviewing candidates and handling employment taxes, insurance and benefits.

Streamlined Hiring Process

Hiring new staff may be a time-consuming and costly procedure. This process includes reading countless resumes, conducting initial interviews, and ensuring the successful candidate fits your company culture well. When you partner with a staffing agency, they can provide a more streamlined hiring process. They can help you save time by automating some methods and allowing you access to a large pool of pre-qualified candidates ready to start work immediately.

Streamlined hiring allows your team to focus on other projects that will drive the business forward and improve productivity. It also means you can fill positions more quickly, especially in critical roles. Any company must have the right people to complete tasks and meet production goals. A temporary employee can impact your company’s productivity more than a new full-time hire. Whether it’s due to a vacation, maternity leave or an upcoming project deadline, working with a staffing agency can allow you to hire a temp-to-hire worker who will hit the ground running and add value right away. Staffing agencies can also reduce the risk of a bad hire by offering a money-back guarantee or providing a trial period for a potential employee. This way, you can avoid the cost of hiring and training a new employee and the cost of lost productivity while searching for a replacement.

More Access to Talent

Staffing agencies connect job candidates with employers. They serve as middle-man and provide input that saves time for hiring managers. They also offer flexibility regarding the type of hire and mitigate legal risks. Companies reach out to staffing agencies with specific job vacancies or talent shortages that need to be filled. The agency helps them create a job description, advertises the role and begins screening candidates. Then, they provide a shortlist of qualified and interested candidates for the position. Using their experience and talent network, they have access to a larger pool of candidates than companies would. Once a candidate is chosen, the staffing agency handles paperwork and payroll administration. This saves businesses from worrying about HR tasks and allows them to focus on more pressing matters. Staffing agencies can provide employees temporarily, which can help reduce the costs of hiring full-time workers. Especially with positions that require specialized skills, staffing agencies can offer more affordable options than hiring full-time employees who may need to gain the necessary qualifications. Using temp workers also means that companies don’t have to pay for benefits like health insurance, 401K contributions and sick days, which can add up quickly. Many staffing agencies also make placements known as ‘temp-to-hire,’ which allows companies to try out a candidate before making a permanent commitment. This can significantly reduce the financial risk associated with employee turnover.

Boosted Productivity

Businesses are always looking for ways to increase productivity. This translates to a more vibrant work environment, the ability to change and adapt in response to market demand, and a healthier bottom line. But boosting productivity is easier said than done. Employees may need more time to fully grasp their employer’s vision or be preoccupied with outside concerns such as illness and parental responsibilities. Thankfully, there’s a hidden weapon that many companies overlook: a temp staffing agency. Staffing agencies have a deep understanding of the labor markets in various industries and the expertise to identify top talent. Using an agency to fill positions allows companies to focus their energy on the day-to-day tasks that keep their business running smoothly without having to scour resumes and interview candidates. Access to an international talent pool is another benefit of working with a staffing agency. As the world becomes more interconnected, staffing agencies can tap into a global pool of workers and find specialized talent that might not be available locally. Staffing agencies can also assist with compliance and risk management. Their knowledge of employment laws and industry-specific regulations can help ensure that clients comply with all rules and avoid legal issues. Likewise, they can manage background checks and other pre-employment screening processes, reducing the time and effort required to hire new employees.

Reduced Risk

Staffing agencies offer more than a way to fill an empty position quickly. They also provide an underappreciated level of value that saves businesses money on advertising expenses, turnover costs and HR overhead. Staffing agency employees are often experts at recruiting and vetting talent, bringing more skills and experience than some companies’ human resources departments.

Additionally, many staffing agencies make placements known as ‘temp-to-hire,’ which allows a company to try out a worker on a temp basis before committing to them. This minimizes the financial risk that would otherwise be associated with employee turnover, which can save companies thousands of dollars. Finally, a staffing agency can also reduce a business’s liability by eliminating the cost of benefits for temporary employees, such as insurance and vacation days. This is a significant saving considering that full-time employees come with high benefit costs. However, even though using a staffing agency can eliminate some risks associated with hiring new workers, it’s important to remember that the threat still exists for both parties.