The Answer For Accounting Staff Burnout

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No one has ever considered the accounting profession as a job where people hang out at tropical pools, go to socializing parties, or drive faster cars while on a business trip. Instead, the field has been known for being conservative, mundane, boring, traditional and consistent. It’s a discipline that includes a regular repeated cycle of hard work, demands for accuracy, stress under compliance regulation, and critical for decision-making.

So, no surprise, those who succeed in the field stay for a long time and build up quite a bit of experience. However, they are also prone to burnout. And the frequency of burnout and people leaving the field has been impacting businesses of all sizes and in all industries. That shortage is a problem, especially given the fact that accounting is required for everything from managing payroll to obtaining financing for growth. So where should businesses go now for the same workload that has to happen every month, every quarter and every closing tax year? Remote accounting is clearly becoming the answer.

Shifting The Paradigm In Accounting

The standards and practices of accounting are not rocket science. In fact, they are standardized to such a level, any business worth its salt is expected to follow them. The most familiar involves Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or GAAP as an accounting practice standard. And this is an advantage for businesses today, because the practice of accounting is not unique, it is not proprietary and its practitioners can be found anywhere, including the rest of the world. Add in the element of the Internet and cloud accounting software, and suddenly the practice and delivery of accounting products takes on a whole new level of awareness.

Because bookkeeping and accounting workload today can be easily handled in digital format, it becomes very easy to sustain a business’ accounting needs online. Additionally, it’s quite possible for those needs to be addressed around the clock with different work shifts. Suddenly, a company in the U.S. can easily have the latest accounting workload ready by 8am the next morning with three different shifts having worked on it in between. Previously, the best one could hope for was later in the week with a regular 8 to 5 shift during the daytime only. In short, the solution for accounting staff burnout is not to replace them with the same; it’s to replace them with remote accounting ( and take advantage of a far greater skilled labor pool online.

Think Different To Move Ahead

Decades of accounting experience can’t be replaced when it leaves from burnout, but that doesn’t mean the accounting workload can’t be taken care of competently. Due to the nature of the discipline, it can be done easily via remote support, and smart companies should take advantage of that opportunity to deal with their staffing losses.

Jess Allen
Jess Allen
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