The Top Five Conference Venues In Manchester

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Manchester is a popular city in the United Kingdom when it comes to conferences, exhibitions and events, and it isn’t hard to see why. There are great transport links by rail, air and road, meaning delegates and attendees can come from a national or international location with ease. Manchester also has excellent Conference venues that are able to cater to groups of professionals, whether large or small, which is probably the main reason why people head here.

So whether you are seeking a company for professional event management in Manchester, or are organizing something yourself, here are the top conference venues to consider during the process.

The Hive

Based in the Northern Quarter, The Hive can be described as a “cool” venue. There are many different rooms that can be used depending on your size of tradeshow events, but it is possible to hire a couple out if you want to have two separate talks or seminars running at the same time. The Hive also benefits from a breakout / social area where coffee and snacks are available, something very important for early morning events.

 Manchester Central

Known for being a popular venue for party political conferences, Manchester Central is also a smart choice for large groups of business attendees. Located in between Deansgate-Castlefield and St. Peter’s Square Metrolink stations, Manchester Central is easy to reach from any part of the city. There are many car parks in the area too, which provides delegates with multiple options. The venue itself is large; it used to be a train station before it was converted into a useable space for business events. This makes it an ideal contender if you have over 100 people due to attend your conference.

The Point, Emirates Old Trafford

The Point at the cricket ground can be found right next to Old Trafford’sMetrolink stop. This is a location that has seen ongoing improvements, but it can be ideal for tradeshow events when there is no sport action happening. There are large spaces that can be made smaller with dividing walls when necessary, which means you could have a conference followed by a business dinner without needing to turn the space around.


Outside of the city centre itself is EventCity, which is located close to the M60 motorway. It is actually the second largest space outside of London and has four interconnecting halls, giving you plenty of space to work with. The benefit of this venue is the availability of 3,000 free parking spaces, something which couldn’t be found in the middle of Manchester.

Manchester Business School

It makes sense to host a business conference where people are learning it, so you could consider Manchester Business School as your venue. Naturally, it has extensive IT and AV facilities, and there is also a conference team who can help you to ensure your event is a success. There are many helpful bonus facilities too, including video conferencing, and an observation facility where you can remotely monitor and record sessions.

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