Understanding Maritime Law and Maritime Compensation

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The life of a seaman is imagined to be a life full of beauty because of the dynamism revolving around the sea. You might want to imagine all the great scenarios playing out perfectly for a maritime worker. However, just like any other job, a maritime worker is subjected to many challenges while at sea. The sea is the ultimate boss because it controls your path and what you entail to do.

Remember, the sea works with moods. Combining the moody sea with an actual boss in the ocean can be another story. Therefore, accidents are bound to happen in the waters ranging from ship wreckages, and negligence to being seas sick. So, maritime workers comp is a crucial cover to obtain if your career revolves around working in the ocean or next to the sea.

Understanding the Maritime law

Before delving into the maritime workers’ comp spree, the sea, just like the land, operates with the maritime law anchored in the United States Constitution. The intricates can be lawyers’ tasks, but the basics are for any maritime worker to comprehend. Also referred to as the Admiralty law, the maritime law encompasses the international law of the sea, which spell out legal requirements, injuries met, and contracts on public water body navigations. The federal jurisdiction points out its maritime laws in line with the international sea law. The naval law provides a legal perspective to oceanic/sea operations. It includes addressing acts such as smuggling, illegal fishing, commerce, etc. The commerce clause in the Admiralty law addresses various activities and scope of operation in the water bodies. Maritime law course is taught in different law schools in America and across the globe. However, maritime law is applied differently depending on the state jurisdiction.

Understanding Maritime Compensation 

The Maritime law ought to hand in hand with the maritime workers’ compensation; however, the federal jurisdiction provides a little distinction. At the same time, naval law is entitled only to the public water body; the maritime workers’ comp covers both the private and the public water bodies. The compensation focuses more on the worker working in or next to the sea rather than the sea.

Working directly in the ocean gives you the direct privilege of maritime workers compensation. Those working indirectly to the sea can be covered in the Longshore and Harbors’ Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA) which offers benefits based on either the Status or the Situs Test. Besides the injuries and maintenance and cure which is compensated under the maritime workers’ comp, it also enshrines the Jones Act which allows the worker to sue the employer on different grounds. Therefore, obtaining the workers’ marine insurance helps seamlessly process the claims brought forth to realize your compensation right as a maritime worker.

In conclusion, the beauty of being in the sea does not only offer you the best of flora and fauna yet to be discovered by many. It is a risky affair when your fate lies on the sea, which tends to change moods when it feels. The guidelines and provision by the maritime law and the International Labor Organization (ILO) through the maritime workers comp covers any sea worker. Your rights and freedoms should be addressed and compensation made as you go by your work perfectly. Despite the water body you are cruising or working on, understanding both the maritime law and the maritime workers’ comp puts you ahead in the area of work in the heart and the periphery of the sea.



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