Why the Quality of Being Considerate, Friendly, and Generous Is Important

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Particularly in this day and age when the world seems so divided, it is more important than ever to show thoughtfulness, warmth, and unselfishness to others. Not only could this quality help heal some of the divisiveness, but the feeling of satisfaction that comes from being kind to others can also be responsible for lasting well-being. There are many ways to express consideration, friendliness, and generosity.


It may be surprising to hear that Darwin, known for his research on human evolution, believed that people are not biologically self-interested and competitive. In fact, he argued that caring and sympathy for others is part of human instinct. In modern times, researchers have found that enduring health can be brought about by devoting resources to others rather than having an excess for oneself. Being a kindness butterfly seems to have benefits all around.


People who are considerate typically smile often, are intuitive to the needs of others, and mind their manners. They also show empathy, patience, and apologize when appropriate, and put the needs of others first but not always. There should be a balance between being considerate of others and taking care of oneself.


Friendliness is a quiet way to show the belief that the world has more good in it than bad and that human connection on a simple, informal level is more important than all the distractions of worldliness.  One way to be more friendly is to laugh at people’s jokes even if they are not particularly funny or pay someone a compliment. Increased social connections and support systems that can improve one’s health are just one of the benefits of being friendly.


The act of willingly giving of oneself to others without expecting anything in return is generosity. Being generous with others may encourage them to be generous with you as well as other people. Building social connections in this way can stimulate the pleasure center of the brain, producing happiness, and happier people are more likely to give. One act of generosity can have a ripple effect that inspires more people to give.

Kindness is important not only because it can be healing but also because it contributes positively to the long-term health of the person being kind. The qualities of kindness include consideration, friendliness, and generosity, which can be expressed several times a day in many simple ways. It may be worth considering the incorporation of kindness into daily life for the multiple benefits.

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