When Is The Best Time To Divide Retirement Accounts

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You and your spouse are going through a rough time, and one of you seems to be considering a divorce. Before things got this ugly in your marriage, you used to share almost everything, that includes your retirement account, because like most couples; you hoped you’d grow old together. However, lately, you’re wondering whether or not you should divide retirement accounts. If the following signs are present in your marriage, then you should consider dividing your retirement accounts:

Signs That You Should Divide Retirement Accounts

1. You can no longer open up to your spouse

When you had a bad day at work, your spouse is no longer the first person you can download your feelings to. The connection that you used to have is no longer there. If you feel this way, chances are you wouldn’t want to divide retirement accounts with your spouse.

2. You’re already devising an exit strategy secretly

Yes, all those top-hush hush calls in the children’s bedroom inquiring about available apartments for bachelors.  Are you already looking for a job in another city, away from your spouse? Opened secretive accounts and moved some of the money without telling your spouse? And have done other things that only you and your closest friends know about? Then, perhaps you should also start thinking about how you will divide retirement accounts.

3. There is an unending communication breakdown

If you and your spouse are no longer on speaking terms, and this has been going on for months, and every time you try to talk things out it ends up being a screaming match,  then that’s another sign that you’re heading for divorce.

4. You’re facing financial woes

Your spouse is irresponsible with finance and doesn’t see anything wrong with it. You are the only person who constantly thinks about your future savings. And, you are afraid if you leave things as they are for too long they may affect your retirement accounts.

5. There are trust issues

You can’t trust each other with anything, and this doesn’t seem to improve. Each day you find reasons not to trust each other? Think about ending your union, and divide retirement accounts.

6. You have been avoiding each other lately

You can stand the sight of your spouse. You don’t go for coffee in the kitchen until you are certain there is no one there. After knocking off at work, you delay going home and put in overtime so that you can arrive home late at night when your spouse has long gone to bed.

7. You’re going through a divorce

 If you and your spouse have already signed divorce papers, you need to think about how you’ll divide retirement accounts. Since there are rules that govern such investments, you may want to consider hiring a firm to help you out. They will take you through all the processes of dividing retirement accounts. From how to determine which funds are subject to the divorce proceedings, to labeling those accounts to make sure the process of dividing retirement accounts goes smoothly.

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