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5 Easy Ways to Find Your Prospects Email Addresses

If emails are portals to fresh opportunities, then email addresses are the keystones that support these gates. However, searching for email addresses can be a time-intensive slog. This is mainly because unlike website URLs or social media handles few people freely share their email addresses.

Thanks to emails being so ubiquitous in our email-obsessed society, there are swaths of tools that help you source prospect email addresses. If you regularly look to source emails, you need some cunning help, so use an email finding tool and master this sublime art.

1. Tap LinkedIn on the Shoulder

Most salespeople are already sold on LinkedIn’s allure. They religiously maintain their profiles, check profiles contacting them and monitor post in groups. Most sales reps also know how to search for prospects and narrow the results by industry, company, and location.

What if these strategies aren’t yielding enough relevant prospects? Searching may be the logical place to look for opportunities, but it’s not the only approach. Here are three ways to find new prospects on LinkedIn using an email finding tool when a simple search doesn’t cut it.

2. Google Is Your Friend

Google may not position itself as an email finder, but that search algorithm can deftly search online databases and platforms. When you fill in the search field, try these combinations:

3. Check Their Social Profile

More and more people users are using social networking sites to build a network of connections. Try your contact’s name on the various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and you will get their email address. Skimming their profile may also locate their email address.

4. Install Plugins and Extensions

If you need to continuously search for email addresses, give Plugins/Extensions a try. These handy tools will save you time and free you from tiresome repetitive tasks. Most plugins/extensions are easy to install, easy use, and will streamline your prospecting activity. Three of the top plugins/extensions are:

5. Adopt Web-Based Tools

Complementing plugins and add-ons are a suite of web-based tools. While extensions are useful, not all of them work with every browser so web-based tools offer useful capabilities for discovering emails. Five of the top web based email discovery tools are:

The also offers a great free web based email searching tool that will allow you to find virtually any email address in seconds. Click here for more information.


Being able to reach the right new prospects at the right email address at the right time is a critical commercial skill. While you can slog through a host of options manually, the smart money prefers to use an email finding tool.