2 Unique Ways to Improve Business Operations

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In any business, one of the key goals is to improve operational efficiency. This can take many forms, and a truly efficient business will need to look at every facet of their daily activities to understand where improvement can take place. These can include determining if there are improved ways for workers to undertake their daily activities and ensuring that business IT systems function at the highest levels of efficiency with minimal breaks in service. As a business owner, you will know that the trading environment is becoming increasingly competitive each year.

New companies enter the marketplace, and the exponential rise of e-commerce has meant that many businesses will be competing on an international scale. In short, improving your business operations can be a key way to stay competitive in an increasingly crowded global marketplace. This article will explore two unique ways to improve your business operations.

Secure the cloud

It is estimated that every day, 30,000 websites will be hacked. Cybercriminals typically look for weak points in online IT services and aim to gain entry into corporate systems. The results of a successful cyberattack can be devastating. The average cost of a successful cyberattack on businesses is around $4.45 million. Time and money are needed to repair damaged or infected systems. There is a reputational cost to businesses and the inability to use compromised systems until the damage has been removed. This can have a dramatic impact on the day-to-day functions of a business and can slow or even halt normal business operations.

Thankfully, businesses that rely on cloud-based services can protect themselves by using api gateway security. This allows IT professionals to set up security protocols that limit access to some forms of online traffic. In addition, it can be used to monitor traffic volumes and access requests between APIs and individual programs. In short, using advanced API gateway security measures can remove any weak points in your online IT infrastructure. This can dramatically reduce the likelihood of your cloud services becoming compromised, allowing businesses to avoid disruptions to service.

Encourage remote working

For millions of workers, the first taste of remote working was during the COVID-19 pandemic. In early 2020, governments worldwide needed to instigate lockdowns and limit the movement of citizens’ movement to reduce the infection rate and protect healthcare systems from becoming overloaded with patients. Now the worst effects of COVID-19 seem to have passed, remote working remains a popular option for both employers and their staff.

There is evidence to indicate that remote workers are 5% to 9% more efficient than colleagues who work in shared physical premises. This could be because commuting journeys are eradicated (leading to less time lost and less travel fatigue for staff) and staff have greater freedom and flexibility in how they manage their workloads. Employers also benefit from remote working in the sense that there is less need for shared corporate premises, which can save on a range of associated operating costs.

Business owners can support increased productivity through remote working by ensuring that staff have suitable online platforms and applications. Video conferencing apps help to encourage effective communication and allow meetings to take place without the need for staff to be in a shared physical location. In addition, team working and project management apps can help to ensure effective task and project management whilst reducing the risk of silo working practices developing.

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