4 Upgrades for Your Garage Work Space

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Whether you do projects in your garage as a hobby or are running a home business, you’ll want your work space to be as useful as possible. There are some easy ways to make your garage the ideal work area. Here are four simple ways to upgrade your garage to add organization and convenience.

1. Update the Lighting

You’ll need sufficient and reliable lighting to ensure that you can complete your jobs or projects efficiently. Upgrading to brighter LED lights will light a larger area and make it easier to see what you’re doing. You should also ensure that you have enough light fixtures to cover your entire garage so there are no dim areas and you can work well in the entire space. Having some easily moveable sources of light, such as fixtures that clip to a table, will also help you to get light exactly where you need it.

2. Make Work Areas Mobile

The ability to move work tables and tools around will give you additional flexibility to get things done. Adding heavy duty wheels to your bench or table will allow it to be moved closer to an outlet or specific tool you need to use while allowing it to glide smoothly over cracks or imperfections in the floor. You could also consider upgrading the flooring in your garage to a smoother surface in order to make it easier to move items around without issue.

3. Add Storage

Having proper storage will help you stay organized and complete jobs faster. If everything is in a specific place you’ll have an easier time grabbing what you need while in the middle of a project. Each tool should have a dedicated storage space, and you should add sufficient shelves and drawers to store supplies and smaller tools. You can also organize your materials in a way that makes sense for the type of work you do. Put often used materials in the most easily accessible spaces or set up an assembly line for jobs that you do often.

4. Make Cleanup Easier

Ensuring you have the proper tools to clean up quickly will keep your work area neat and ready for a project when you need it. You will need a quality shop vacuum that can handle saw dust, small scraps and spills. You should also have a push broom and hand broom to easily clean up floors and tabletops.

Creating the most efficient space to work in will allow you to stay organized and get your projects done more easily. Adding these upgrades can help you create your ideal work area.

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