5 Roles Played In Birth Injury Lawsuit

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While Erb’s palsy is considered a minor birth injury lawsuit, severe cases may require surgery coupled with long-term medical care. Erb’s palsy is preventable when the healthcare practitioners provide the right medical care and attention during birth. An Erbs palsy lawyer understands the burden associated with caring for an injured child. The lawyer plays different roles to prove the healthcare practitioners’ negligence and help you receive the right compensation amount. Below are the roles played by the lawyer in your case:

Injury Evaluation

For your claim to be viable, enough evidence must be provided in court. It is only through injury evaluation that enough evidence to prove negligence by the healthcare providers can be found. It is Erb’s palsy lawyer’s role to guide you through assessment injury without being intimidated and manipulated by the defendant. After the injury evaluation, it is easier to determine whether the case is strong or not.

Filing Birth Injury Claim

This is the primary role played by Erb’s palsy lawyer. Filing a strong case means being able to navigate the justice and legal system. Consulting the lawyer helps you understand what to expect after filing for the claim. The complications that come with filing for medical malpractice against the doctors and nurses are avoided when you have a lawyer. It is crucial to allow the lawyer to play the role once you have stated your case.

Advice And Feedback

There are a million questions that you will be looking for answers for the moment you consider filing for a birth injury claim. The lawyer’s role is to give you the right answers, advise you, and provide feedback when needed. The more answers and advice you get from the lawyer, the easier it will be to settle and make informed decisions about the case.

Skills And Diligence

The Erb’s palsy lawyer possesses the skills and experience needed in your case. It is the role of the lawyer to exercise such skills and expertise in your birth injury lawsuit claim. It is easier to build confidence in getting favourable results after filing a claim when the lawyer shows due diligence. Interview skills, evidence gathering, negotiation, and communication skills are vital to your case and should be exercised by the lawyer.

Settlement Negotiation

Unless you decide to deal with the defendant on your own, it is the Erb’s palsy lawyer’s role to be present and act on your behalf during settlement negotiation. After the injury evaluation and the treatment expenses, the lawyer will help you estimate the suitable settlement amount. Disagreements, deceit, manipulation, and intimidation are some of the things to expect when the defendant is reluctant to settle the amount you want.


Birth injuries such as Erb’s palsy can have a long-term effect on the child and the family’s wellbeing. Medical expenses and long-term care can be a burden financially and emotionally. The roles played and services rendered by an Erb’s palsy lawyer are vital when filing for a claim as they increase your chances of getting a compensation settlement. This is why understanding the roles played by the lawyer in your case becomes paramount.

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