The Basic Factors to Consider When Choosing Walkers for Seniors

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At a certain time in life, people indeed get problems with their mobility. And when that time comes, they may need something to support them while walking around. Those who face such challenges are mostly seniors or old people, those who have encountered injuries, and people who have been critically ill and are still weak.

So, for such people to move around freely, walkers for seniors are recommendable. However, due to the variety of products in the market, which serve different purposes, it is also important to note your specific need and consider some factors before purchasing any.

7 Factors to Consider When Buying Walkers for Seniors

According to Professor Barbara Resnick of organizational systems and adult health at the University of Maryland school of nursing, people choose their walker types depending on the location where the item will be used, their personal taste, and extremity ability and strength.

However, in addition to that, below are some of the factors to consider when choosing the right walker for your senior.

Right and adjustable measurements

When choosing the right comfort item for your senior, it is important to make sure that it can contain the senior’s height and weight. Also, since most walkers come with a sitting space, the best option should have enough sitting area for the user. Better still, you can go for the one with adjustable measurements.

Talking to a specialist

To avoid the stress that comes with choosing the right care facility for your senior, it could be better to consult an occupational or physical therapist. He or she will offer the right suggestions of the product that will benefit the senior’s needs. In fact, your chosen professional therapist may offer adjustments and safety guidelines on how to use the item.


As one of the factors to consider, a good walker should be easy to fold and pack up. This is important as you may need to fold and pack it into the car when going for a picnic, car ride, or even watch movies. So, the easier it folds, the better.

Standard walkers

Although numerous options exist, standard walkers are recommendable for very unstable patients and seniors. Since they have no wheels, this type is considered more stable, folds quickly, and easy to transport. Besides that, they can tolerate the user’s maximum weight, hence a good choice for the very weak.

Note that the senior’s needs will determine whether to go for walkers with wheels or without wheels.

Go aluminum

Because of durability, products made out of aluminium last longer than other products. On the same note, given that most walkers are for movement and require lifting, considering the product’s weight material is paramount. And for that case, aluminum is still the best choice. It is one of the best lightweight materials used for making wheelchairs and walkers.

Accessible brakes

Just like any other tool used as a mobility aid, it is important to examine the location of the brakes, how safe they are, and how easily they are to use. Remember, due to dysfunctional and hard-to-use brakes, you do not want any problem to happen to the senior. A good mobility aid should have safety brakes that are accessible and responds to command suddenly.

In fact, brake pressure is better for people who cannot access the brakes, especially for those who suffer from arthritis.

Parting words

Since walkers help enhance or bring back mobility in seniors, it is important to consider the above factors when purchasing one. Remember, if it does not suit the need, it may result in more health conditions. So, shop happily and carefully.

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